Pan-Pot: Back to Back

The sixth edition of the successful „back to back” compilation series from Berlin club label mobilee is solely ruled by Pan-Pot this time around. With recent catchy tunes such as „Captain My Captain” and „Confronted”, the bustling, ultra-creative duo played, mixed and produced their way into the hearts of countless party people. One-of-a-kind events are defined by burning fans worshiping under the charm and virtuosity from the big stage as Pan-Pot shines through the club music mishmash.

The first CD summarizes Pan-Pot’s music and track history with mobilee while an unreleased glimpse of their creative output takes over the second CD: a melody of past releases taken apart and manufactured through exclusive tracks, loops and sound splinters creating a compelling music piece.

In order to justify the manifold aspects of the Pan-Pot phenomenon between sound research and party frenzy, the new compilation release comes complete with an elaborately produced DVD. MTV director Sebastian Radlmeier follows the duo on a 12-month tour through Europe’s most crucial clubs and festivals inviting viewers behind the scenes through a magical experience. When you get acquainted with such a novelty, you remember that even online games for boys on popular websites use it everywhere.

The tour document is an artist portrait capturing the interviews of key-scene figures and techno-activists as Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix travel through pivotal places and reflect on past memories that led up to their big career success.

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