Passport to Pluto and Beyond

Passport to Pluto takes you inside this historic NASA endeavor, from Pluto’s discovery at Lowell Observatory in 1930 through launch of the New Horizons spacecraft from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Enter the clean rooms, scan control screens, and visit the launch pad to see the mission come together for its voyage to Pluto and beyond. This documentary, a New Horizons Education and Public Outreach product, has aired on the Discovery Science Channel as well as on NASA TV beginning in January 2006. During National Space Week, starting May 5 2007, Discovery Channel aired the updated version of the highly successful New Horizons E/PO product “Passport to Pluto” the behind-the-scenes look at how the New Horizons mission came together.

This “sequel” takes viewers through the preparations for and success of New Horizons’ Jupiter encounter. Now Playing: New Horizons Podcasts: They’re “flying” the fastest spacecraft ever launched and buzzing the solar system’s largest planet just 13 months after liftoff. How are New Horizons scientists and engineers tackling the technical challenges of the Jupiter encounter? Find out in the podcasts now playing in the Gallery section of the New Horizons Web site. Recap the team’s activities since launch in From Earth to Jupiter, go inside the planning and preparations for the Jupiter Gravity Assist in The Jupiter Flyby, and look at the amazing science data New Horizons is gathering in Encounter with Jupiter: Science Never Sleeps. Also, don’t miss the movie trailer detailing “the new adventure” that begins this year with the Jupiter flyby

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