Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament Of George Harrison

In the summer of 2005, a package arrived at the Hollywood offices of Highway 61 Entertainment from London with no return address. Inside were two mini-cassette audio tapes dated December 30, 1999 and labeled “The Last Testament of George Harrison”. A voice eerily similar to Harrison’s tells a shocking story: Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash in November of 1966 and replaced with a double! British intelligence, MI5, had forced the Beatles to cover up McCartney’s death to prevent mass suicides of Beatle fans. However, the remaining Beatles tried to signal fans with clues on album covers and in songs. Until now, the “Paul is Dead” mystery that exploded worldwide in 1969 was considered a hoax. However, in this film, the mysterious voice on the tapes reveals a secret Beatles history, chronicling McCartney’s fatal accident, the cover up, dozens of unknown clues, and a dangerous cat and mouse game with “Maxwell,” the Beatles’ MI5 handler, as John Lennon became increasingly reckless with the secret. The voice also claims that Lennon was assassinated in 1980 after he threatened to finally expose “Paul McCartney” as an imposter! Highway 61 Entertainment has investigated this stunning new account of the conspiracy to hide McCartney’s tragic death and produced this unauthorized documentary that includes newly unearthed evidence. The mysterious voice on the audio tapes narrates the entire film in what may prove to be the most important document in rock and roll history, leaving little doubt that PAUL MCCARTNEY REALLY IS DEAD! – Written by Highway 61 Entertainment

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  1. wow this is shite

  2. This is fun and all but no WAY is this George Harrison speaking. If you were making such a tape, you would not be speaking in this way. ‘A lone assailant’…you’d say, ‘Some ‘bleeping’ maniac’ or something more ordinary.

  3. Rubber Soul came out in December of 1965. According to this Paul dies in November of 1966. Wonder why they were putting “Paul is Dead” clues on an album he was still alive for? Same goes for Yesterday and Today, which wasn’t really an album, just a USA release because until Sgt.Peppers, USA Beatle albums were different from the UK ones. In the USA, they’d compile albums from leftover songs not used on UK versions. That’s why the USA had albums like Something New and Beatles VI. An really, John wrote “Yesterday?” We’ve all seen videos of Paul singing that song…in 1965. I Know, this wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, but you think they’d at least get the timeline straight.

  4. this is very interesting and fun but this is a Docufiction.

  5. aside from the scouse accent,it sounds nothing like george harrison..

  6. great creepypasta. bullbleep but great bullbleep.

  7. L. O. L.!
    L. O. L.!
    L. O. L!

  8. This doc is interesting but doesn’t address the true conspiracy. Even with the real Paul the Beatles were a manufactured fraud. MI5 coudn’t give a toss about keeping the Beatles united for their music. None of them had talent as musicians. British intelligence were very much interested though, in the effects of mass hysteria. They had seen during the “Blitz” the psychological impact of this and wanted to explore whether it could be put to use during peace time to manipulate not only allies but the Soviets. This is why the Beatles charade was allowed to continue beyond 1966.

  9. You know there are 2 ways to consider this mockumentary……One is to consider it as just comedic nonsense. But, much of the clues were pretty compelling. George had a lot of success in the movie industry with Monty Python. He would know that he had to mix nonsense with truth to get it in the public eye. Of course it is not George as the narrator in the film. But, that does not mean that the film might contain a lot of truth mixed with foolish nonsense. I believe the powers that be use similar methods to expose certain truths to the masses. If it were just a joke, why would the prank have continued throughout all of the Beatles post 1966 work? It seems like an insane level of dedication to put that many mult layered clues within that many albums. I don’t know…It could have been a never ending laugh track for Lennon and McCartney.. But, I find it hard not to consider the old saying that” where there is smoke, there is fire” . What gives me pause more that anything are the physical changes that occurred in roughly a six month or so period in McCartney between 1966/1967.

  10. Why do people keep falling for this kind of garbage? I guess we just LOVE to think we know something most people don’t know. Please be wary of these kinds of conspiracy theories. (Among other things, they have led to the election of the most dangerous “president” we’ve ever had.)

    • yes obama was the most dangerous president

      • The Loser AKA Agent Orange is the Only Gator in the swamp he wants to drain. In the meantime he is draining the American people of their lives.
        Furthermore what does your comment have to do with Fault McCartney?

      • You are a jerk if u think Obama was the worst in history. What about our current Loser in chief AKA Agent Orange. Nixon clone?

      • Trump said he would protect Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid. Mark my words, he won’t! He said he would “drain the swamp,” instead he’s appointed six Goldman Sachs executives to his cabinet, most of whom are billionaires. He’s proven he would say ANYTHING to get his way. He is a lying sack of uninformed you know what with a thin skin and absolutely NO self control. People will come to regret having supported him.

      • You should read up on the facts. The current occupant of the oval office is by far the most dangerous leader we’ve ever had. He constantly misleads the American people with his lies.

        • you are a lying sack of shit – now there’s a fact for ya

          • Since you don’t know either me or the facts your comment is pretty unimpressive. Again, I urge you to read up on the facts. As an example, Trump said his new healthcare plan would cover everyone and lower costs. Had it passed, it would have denied healthcare to millions and raised the average premium by over 20% according to the Congressional Budget office (which is, by the way, headed by Republicans.)
            Your hero Trump is an ignorant, dishonest, self-centered, narcissist who can’t concentrate long enough to read a full page of text. As I said, you should read up on him and on the issues and learn the facts.
            (I won’t bother answering you again.)

  11. Why didn’t they get somebody to narrate who knew how to speak with a Liverpudlian accent?
    This false person sounds stupid.

  12. Amazing. I didn’t know that GH was a Brummie.

  13. ‘moxwell’

  14. I. Think. My. Arse is on fire

  15. As others have said, the guy doing GH’s voice has the worst possible scouse (Liverpool) accent. I would say he was from the south-east of England and about twenty years younger than GH was at the time of the attack.
    Hey Joel from Highway 61, did you know that the word ‘gullible’ has been removed from the dictionary?
    What next, a doc claiming George to be alive and flipping burgers in BF Alabama?

  16. Leave your’s? What kind of illiteracy is that?

  17. I didn’t even watch the movie… I just had to comment. Lolololol! Suuuure Paul McCartney is dead, just like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe are really alive, right? And if people really wanted to take precaution to prevent mass suicides, they would’ve covered up Whitney Houston’s and Michael Jackson’s deaths too. Documentaries like this are so dumb and pointless. People need to get a life.

    • Yup, go to work to somebodys company. It’s the real life behind the millionaires!
      Truth is the truth, and nothing but. It’s a shame that people ignore the possibilities that lay upon investigation. You need to investigate to get a hinch from the true facts in any case. Not to presume anything.

      Im gonna watch this now, maybe not so seriously, but with an open mind.

  18. I don’t know if Paul is dead but the Last Testament of George was one of he most intriguing and entertaining docs I have ever seen FAKE OR NOT.

  19. It was entertaining if nothing else…the filmmakers have got quite an imagination, ill give them that….Was I the only one waiting for them to dissect the lyrics on “Maxwells Silver Hammer”? I thought for sure they would….

  20. That accent is soooo bad. I’m going to keep watching for a giggle, though. Anyone who takes this seriously is a mentalist. Fact.

  21. As ludicrous as the “George Harrison impromptu narration” is, I actually found myself hoping that the Faul story was true. It’s the only thing that would account for how a great talent could turn into a truly crappy solo act.

  22. NO!!!! I AM The Walrus I am the Walrus. This is just hilarious stuff. The voice on the tape is the voice of Jack the Ripper himself James Maybrick LMAO. This film is comparibally as funny as ”Spinal Tap” there is literally a gaff a second with this man’s accent. Some are absolute classics. Especially when sees a ”Boodie with a decapootated head” Enjoy this classic before Apple corp do away with it forever

  23. God! Everyone stop taking yourselves so seriously! Its supposed to be a joke and yes, it may not actually be funny and the accent may be the worst we have all ever heard but lighten up!!! I would love to know if Paul/Faul has actually seen this video: I bet he is pissing himself laughing, as I am, ESPECIALLY when the deranged Heather Mills popped up as Rita – Hilarious!

    Have to say though…if the Americans who made this had actually bothered to get a real Scouser instead of the fool pretending to be one it might have been slightly more convincing despite the many, many, many mistakes that even the lowliest Beatle fan could not fail to spot.

    All in all, well worth the watch just because of the insane connections that these crazy people have made. It must have taken a lot of time to go through every single thing in as much detail as they do which does explain the extreme repetitiveness of the documentary as a whole and is something I find unnecessary after the first few ‘decoded’ album covers.

    Its a laugh though 😉


    Not So Serious.

  24. I guess they transplanted his vocal cords too. And they gave him quick study in music composition, so much so that the songs sounded just like McCartney’s style of composition.
    Interesting view into an obsessed fan with nothing to do but think too much.

  25. I’m old enough to remember all the rumors back in the day. This was a clever account of all those rumors and “clues” I heard from the Beatles fans/conspiracy buffs back then. Glad to finally hear all of the backwards sounds I was told of but since I didn’t want to ruin any phonograph needles, I didn’t try to recreate them.

    It was a hoax then, and this is a clever and entertaining replay of those rumors. I’d like to hear the explanation of why they did it, such as perhaps the rumors started and they played it up. If they fessed up, I never heard it. If you are a Beatles fan in your later 50’s or more, I think you will like it.

  26. Oh come on. Paul isn’t dead. He is one of the biggest suck ups to the Royals, Sir Paul etc. such a sell out and his music sucks. At least John and George did some cool stuff on their own. Paul, wants fame without Lennon he was just a mediocre writer and greedy too. If you saw the recent Martin Scorcese thing on Harrison, Living in the Material World, you can see how brilliant George really was and how Paul wanted to keep the song writing so he could profit most. Anyway, what does it matter anymore?

    • Yikes. I love Paul. I always loved his music the best. I don’t think any of the other guys came close to his work. It’s all a matter of opinion. I’ve seen him in concert several times and he’s an amazing performer. Very exciting to watch.

      You know what’s funny to me? Sometimes you hear people like you carry on about Paul being this or that and how he was jealous of the other guys but Julian Lennon will tell you the opposite. He’ll tell you his dad was an ass and Paul was really good to him and a good guy. Loo some of Julian’s videos up on YouTube and see for yourself.

  27. what complete shit considering paul’s mum mary died on halloween 1956 so how could she of been at her son’s supposed funeral in 1967. that’s a complete insult to pauls mum some greedy bastard trying to make cash

  28. After the first three words it is starkly obvious that this is not the voice of George Harrison. Also, it is too well organized to have been impromptu. Further, the speaker is about as familiar with the Beatles as a college freshman writing his first research paper. This is just a way for the struggling media company to generate some face time. If it were well done, it would have been fun to watch, but it is total junk.

  29. Not that I really feel like I need to discredit this video (I get that it was made and watched only for fun) but I thought maybe some people might find it interesting… if you are from Ontario (Canada) you’ll no doubt recognize the badge on Paul’s shoulder on the Sgt. Peppers insert. It does not say “O.P.D.” (As explained as meaning “Officially Pronounced Dead” in the video) but it says “O.P.P.” which stands for Ontario Provincial Police. As shown here:

  30. I did find this clumsy hoax entertaining but that’s all it is, a hoax. The fact that they had people (including myself) thinking ‘eh up? That makes sense’ before correcting and chiding ourselves for being foolish.
    It’s here for pure entertainment, yes the accent is shite but it adds to the comedy

  31. this is insulting.

  32. Rubbish!!!  Bloody stupidity. It does not works far from a funny way to loose time!!! Manufactured on U.S.A.  land of fast food!!!

  33. I don’t know how people can say this vid is hard to disprove… at the 25 minute mark it claims the fake Paul was right-handed, but it didn’t matter because they were only playing studio music at that point. They even show a pre-1966 image of Paul playing left handed, and another image of Paul in the studio, ostensibly playing as a rightie. However, I went ahead and looked up some Wings footage from 76. As you can see, he is clearly playing left-handed in 76. So much for the fake being a rightie…

  34. pure crap, I knew George and that’s not his voice, and he could barely speak the day after his stabbing. What idiots for putting something like this out.

  35. This is an obvious spoof.   I am from Liverpool and the voice sounds nothing like a genuine scouse accent and nothing like George Harrison.

  36. Wow.  Mind blowing to say the least and totally lines up with a pile of things.  Many dots connected.  Hard to argue with all of this.  The voice on the video is merely a man reading a script, it’s not the actual tape.  I think this was very well done, and very creepy.

  37. What a load of crap, absolute nonsense, do yourself a favour and watch something else.

  38. Plus, what does MI5 care about girls committing suicide? They work in intelligence.

  39. Ok, here’s one for you, Stella McCartney was born after Paul supposedly died, so she would have been fathered by Faul. So….how come she looks exactly like the real Paul? Just because he had reconstructive surgery doesn’t mean he would have different DNA, and she would not look like Paul McCartney. I think the clue things were probably worked into the album covers after the rumours started to create controversy, if in fact they were there at all, lots of them are very tenious.

  40. total rubbish!

  41. total rubbish

  42. Don’t Believe Any Of This!!!!

  43. This is not true!

  44. This documentary played like a Bad TV movie.There are strange and quiet obvious references to Mcartney in songs and album covers.But lets look at some facts
    ;Heather mills is far to young to be the Rita in this fairy tale.She has a past life of prostitution and deception
    ;There are noticeable differences in facial features (ears etc)
    George does use the reference “Faul” in the last Australian interview,but this may be a insult.
    But for me the most compelling evidence is in the music McCartney has produced in his solo career..The best was band on the run were he exploited Denny lane.
    And I rest With the “frog Chorus”..
    I never liked McCartney and he never came across well in Modern interviews..He is a “sell out” …up until recently a recluse.He came out of retirement because of the support for him during the ugly divorce from Heather…(CRAZY!!!)
    Now he stands on stage and wobbles his head like a Beatles impersonator..Oh forgot he may be…This documentary for the most part is shit,but these kind of fakes can sometimes help to throw light these theories..
    Oh and for the record that is not a convincing “scouse” was the equivalent of dick van dykes in Mary Poppins…Not the best… a bit Nigel Tuffnell…

  45. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! I watched five minutes of this garbage and that guy on the tape DOES NOT sound like George Harrison. Totally stupid! Why would George send the tapes to a company that no one has ever heard of? Why wasn’t this on the news? I think this company is looking for some publicity

  46. Okay.
    If you watch this documentary all the way through (and surprisingly its actually worth it) it displays some very thought provoking connections. When I started watching it all I could think was, “this right here is another bullshit crock of lies made by some suspicious power-point wielding nerd”. But I figured if they’d already gone this far with it in only 20 minutes, I wonder how far they go with the rest of it. Having seen all the points they present to you, I have to admit there’s something that doesn’t fit. Having Paul slip up and play guitar right handed, having George refer to him as Faul and looking at all the emphasis on Paul’s exclusion from the group is interesting.

    I don’t like that they never play anything from the tapes. But I could imagine someone piecing all of this together and needing something not only to tie it together but also to get people listening and making up the fantastic tale of a tape.
    All in all its worth a watch. It had me and my friend (very skeptical people) actually considering the idea of a fake Paul.

  47. Oh, I see, I’m now just reading some of the other comments and it seems that in the credits, they mention the voice over/naration as actually being done by someone other that G.H. It should be no surprise that few are watching this rubbish through to the end to even see the credits. Now that’s funny.
    But regarding my previous comment: told you so.

  48. My old man was a scouse though I didn’t grow up in England myself…point being, I’ve been listening to that accent since the day i was born…my dad, his siblings etc…and i can tell you for a fact: that is not George Harrison, simply because it’s a fake Liverpool accent. It’s wrong on so many words and their pronunciation. Good try folks, but no cigar this time.
    Oh, and as a final comment from someone who is a sound engineer, that “testament” was NOT recorded on one of those dinky little hand held recorders. It was recorded on something with a much broader frequency response; no doubt a professional studio microphone of some variety. Again, good try people but you screwed up on too many obvious levels to even get close to convincing me.

  49. Rita was Heather Mills? So Rita is a time Traveller!?
    Heather Anne Mills (born 12 January 1968)
    Pure and absolute fantasy almost worthy of an album in itself as told to me by one of the surviving 2

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