Paxman on Trump v Clinton: Divided America

Abraham Lincoln could be considered the greatest president America ever had, he was ernest, a visionary and heroic, he also earned the respect of the world but where are the hero’s now asks reporter Jeremy Paxman.

As November quickly approaches, Paxman travels to Washington in a bid to understand how it is that the two current presidential candidates are two of the most hated and distrusted of all time. The supporters of Clinton and Trump seem to agree on only one thing, how unspeakable the other candidate is. One is alleged to have risked national security while the other has been accused of multiple sexual assaults. Are either of them fit for office?

In this film Jeremy meets with political insiders and voters from both Republican and Democratic sides casting his unsparing eye over a nation preparing for a historic election.

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  1. The American public/ registered voters, should of organized a protest in the capitol, and all the way to the White House expressing their lack of faith in both candidates and demand a voter recall after the primaries. Boycott the elections if both candidates are so unpopular! That’s real freedom & democracy in action.

  2. really bias documentary pretending to be a balance documentary on both candidates. Hardly anything on Hiliary Looks like BBC is also part of he White house establishment. ha ha

  3. More blatant bias against Trump-sick of it.Pathetic.I’m not a Trump fan,but like to see honest journalism.This election worst bias ever.

    • OK – I’ve just watched the whole thing and I would like to know what you think is ‘biased’ in the coverage. It was just factual reporting so far as i could see. The odious Clinton gets slated just as much as the odious psycho. What part of it was ‘biased’?

    • Yeah – it’s disgusting how biased people are when it comes to psychopaths and serial sex offenders. They are just misunderstood really.

      • You really do not see what has been coming out with Hillary, Podesta, Lynch, Abedin, Obama and the rest of the crew? Just wait, it will get worse. Say what you want about Trump, but you know those are fabrications and that we are finally starting to see what we already knew when it came to the people in charge. They are the psychopaths and sex offenders.