Pedigree Dogs Exposed: Three Years On

In August 2008, the BBC One investigative documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed explored the true extent of the health and welfare problems witnessed in pedigree dogs and called it “the greatest animal welfare scandal of our time”.

As such the film generated much criticism of the Kennel Club, the governing body of pedigree dogs in the United Kingdom which runs the prestigious dog breed show Crufts. The original film asked why such breeding and judging standards were in place if it was known that this level of inbreeding could only have a negative impact on these dogs welfare.

Pedigree Dogs Exposed turned producer Jemima Harrison into a campaigner determined to see through reform for these dogs and three years on Harrison wants to see what has changed if anything.

Whilst this followup reveals some positive changes made since the original film we see how there are still many areas of the industry that are cause for concern and worth further investigation.

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  1. vile people causing much suffering to the animals that they abuse just to satisfy their ego…