Penn and Teller: Bullshit! – The War On Drugs

Penn and Teller, two American comedians, have had an ongoing series on Showtime titled “Penn and Teller: Bullshit” for several years. In each show they dispute modern controversies throughout world societies with fact, humor, and interviews with experts on each particular show’s subject. This episode, “The War On Drugs” highlights the American war between anti-drug laws/practices versus the so-called “criminal offenders” either dealing or using illegal drugs in the United States. While the focus of this episode is centered mainly on marijuana, it also deals with the issues of the flawed government system that sometimes increases the criminal activity because of illegalization itself.

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  1. It´s a fact!  Your body does not belong to you!!!!!!!!  Who does it belong to? the government? 

  2. I think Hugh Stahly just pulled the 95% right out of his ass. 😉

  3. Nice post, around 99% of the blogs on Googel were gibberish. Question: do you think sites like how to roll a joint should get ranked by google for minors?

  4. Great post, around 95% of the blogs on google were gibberish. Question: do u think websites such as how to roll a joint should be allowed on the web for children?

    • It should definately be allowed. There are also websites dedicated to showing people how to drift a car or do zippo lighter tricks. All of them dangerous for children, but none of them should be ilegal. Parents just need to do some f*cking parenting, instead of shouting for more regulations all the time.

    • I don’t care but I think spammers should be shot

    • I don’t care but I think spammers should be shot