People in Motion

Cedric Dahl traveled the US west coast with 5 parkour practitioners who shared a passion for movement. This film documents the experience over 9 months.

Seattle Time Lapse by Edvard Brun

San Francisco Time Lapse via WTK Photography

Burning Man Time Lapse courtesy of James Cole

Original music by Alex Bornstein

Athletes [in order of appearance]
Paul Whitecotton
David Agajanian
Jacob Raul Seil
Lonnie Tisdale
Brian Orosco

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  1. nice, positive doc, probably it’s all portraited a bit too romantically and rosy, but I liked it

  2. I’m sure it has already been done but if not, why have not a team of mediocre screen writers written a movie starring free runners or parkour experts. You know, kinda like that awful film “Point Break”where the surfer dudes robbed banks in masks of former presidents starring Keanu Reeves & oh sh#t, I forgot his name. You know, the star of “Road House” & “Red Dawn” (the first one).

    Any way, it could be just like that movie but only these amazing dudes get away from the cops by doing awesome free running, jumping around urban environments, never to be caught until the police import a famous parkour artist from France who out “motions” them all.