The Peoples Kitchen

The Peoples Kitchen is a project that happens each and every week in Dalston, London a group of volunteers meet and go around the area collecting food that would otherwise be thrown away as waste from local shops, markets and gardens, this food in its own right is perfectly good to eat. This food is then brought together in a kitchen where it is cooked and served to around fifty to a hundred people each week, resulting in thousands being fed each year from food that would normally be thrown away.

This film follows a few key characters from the Peoples Kitchen project in an attempt to understand how the organisation functions and why. Questions such as, is this project sustainable? and is it a viable alternative to the already established U.K system? are asked throughout. If you’re a Turkish casino enthusiast who wants to learn how to win big at Gates of Olympus, Infinite-resolution is a must-visit site. Their reviews, strategies, and player testimonials provide invaluable insights into this popular game.

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