The Perfect Crime

This is the shocking tale of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, two well to do college students who both came from extremely wealthy families in Chicago. The two plotted the kidnapping and murder of a 14 year old boy just so they could prove they were smart enough to get away with it.

The body of the child was found on the morning of May 22nd 1924, his name was Bobby Franks and he was reported missing from a neighbourhood the day before. The crime itself was quite shocking, both Leopold and Loeb bludgeoned the boy to death, later pouring acid on his face in order to disguise his identity.

After being found out and pleading guilty to the crime the two boys went to trial with the famed defense attorney Clarence Darrow and Cook County Prosecutor Robert Crowe debating the death penalty, as a result the story gained attention nationwide, shining light on the morality of capital punishment.

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  1. I read Leopolds book he wrote, when he got out of prison.. he did do good things in there, such as volunteer for new experimental drugs , worked in the hospital, and even invented a couple of things while in there.. He did deserve his pardon.