The Perfect Gangster

Filmmaker Will Parker sets out in search of the “Perfect Gangster”, he meets up with several ex-mobster from New York, but there is one in particular that stands out to him. His name is John Alite, an ex-Gambino Associate who has just recently been released from prison, since his release Alite has become somewhat of a media sensation as he has a no holds barred approach to retelling his mob tales.

Alite comes across as your stereotypical mobster, the type that is commonly depicted in the movies and with this comes your expected levels of violence carried out but with through this toughness there seems to be a longing for redemption.

During the meetings with filmmaker Parker Alite tells him in graphic detail how he killed some of his adversaries. It is in this brazen depiction of his crimes that we can come to appreciate him as one of the most famous gangsters of his time and how lucky he is still to be alive.

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