Petrol Bombs & Peace: Welcome To Belfast

Belfast, Ireland, it is now 18 years since the troubles came to an end here and these days it looks just like any other city in the United Kingdom, that is on the surface at least. The city is still very much divided up between Catholics and Protestants and summer time here often means rioting.

In this BBC special we see Alys Harte spend the summer of 2013 on the frontline with a loyalist marching band in an attempt to find out why so many young people who grew up with peace are now feeling so angry.

Alys also goes to meet Catholics from the other side of a deeply divided city in order to tell the true story of how one band marches directly into the eye of a storm whist Alys herself gets caught in the middle of it as it all goes wrong.

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  1. This whole thing is insane.