Pink Floyd: The Making of Dark Side of the Moon

If there are a handful of albums in the rock universe that deserve a bells-and-whistles DVD treatment, Dark Side of the Moon is clearly among them. In the ’70s and ’80s, the classic 1973 album by Pink Floyd remained on the Billboard 200 for a staggering 741 consecutive weeks, a record that will likely stand forever. Echoing themes of alienation, paranoia, and death, it is a dreamy, often trancelike tour through the subconscious of Floyd lyricist Roger Waters.

This 84-minute DVD offers a track-by-track look at the making of Dark Side of the Moon, featuring interviews with band members Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright, plus rare acoustic versions of “Breathe” and “Brain Damage.”

For those fans interested in the story behind the crafting of one of rock’s true landmark records, this is the equivalent of ambrosia. Discussions involve the studio-specific techniques used to create the clock loops on “Time,” the cash register sounds on “Money,” and the vocal chorus on “The Great Gig in the Sky.” Special features include alternate versions of “Brain Damage,” “Breathe,” and “Time.”

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  1. It’s my band until my end

  2. It’s my banda until my end

  3. C’mon. Turkish subtitles?

  4. the half hour of comercials mde this probably aweome documentary terrible an unwatchable. sure deodorant? soccer? yeeeaaahhh ………….that’s I can remember from it and I watched half of it

  5. This is magic to me. If I could have only one album to listen to for all time, this might be it because it has everything I need.

  6. If the documentary is ‘food for your brain’ then The Dark Side of the Moon is ‘candy for your ears’ – 50 million album sales and longevity of 40 years is testament to a classic, love it or hate it. This 2003 documentary, just prior to an extended documentary promoting the 2003 SACD release of Dark Side, sheds light on the ideas, genesis and construction of the album, along with the music and the voices and sound affects that complement the concept.

  7. made me miss my CD… musical intelligence .. a system of talented individuals creating music ahead of their time .. enjoyable program

  8. Yes always love a band that tells me how to think and look at the world – because I cant do it for myself….
    And then just 3 years later came…..wait for it……
    ” I aint equipment,
    I aint automatic
    If it werent for me you would all be static

    “Eat your heart out on a plastic tray
    If you dont do what you want then you’ll FADE AWAY.”

    Now that is muuuuuuch better ;o)
    Punk will always live
    Pink hemroids – will not

  9. Pine, you are a fool.

  10. most over rated band in history

  11. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj