Pipe Down

Pipe Down is an hour long documentary that tells the story of a rural community in Co. Mayo in Ireland, who have been battling the oil giant Shell over their plans to put a dangerous raw gas pipeline through the community and complete construction of a gas processing terminal that is a threat to their delicate environment.

The documentary features interviews with Colin Joyce of Shell Ireland; Willie Corduff, a local farmer & one of the Rossport Five; Pat O’Donnell, a local fisherman; Gerry Coyle, a County Councillor for the area (Fine Gael); Eoin O’Leidhin & Diane Amber, activists with the Shell-to-Sea group; Terence Conway, a spokesperson for the Shell-to-Sea group; and Niall Harnett, who co-ordinates the solidarity camp in the area.

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  1. What the money-hungry mongers of Shell are doing is a travesty. It IS wrong what they’re doing, however, on the flip side; the population of Co Mayo, Ireland as of the 2011 census is 130,638. How many of those citizens drive gasoline-driven vehicles? When resources are depleted in one area oil companies find them elsewhere. They Mayo Co citizens want their cars, just don’t give us our oil from our own backyard. If you’re a consumer of a product, you can’t get too mad when someone supplies what you want. It’s all an ugly shame…a sick cycle. I don’t know how anyone employed by Shell sleeps at night.

  2. No one needs a PHD to know what FILTHY liars SHELL are ….they only have money in mind… wont by fresh water in the future…and their constant propaganda machine is falling on deaf ears,stop trying to confuse honest people with your pointless made up arguments…. the people are rising, soon you wont be able to pay the police off, or the governments …SHELL WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN AND WE WILL NOT FORGET….if you all haven’t watched the film WASTELAND yet…check it out, stream it, share it, it is a harsh and true depiction of SHELL’s destruction …do not allow them to repeat this anywhere…

  3. This is a disgrace. Once again the State provides its police to fight as corporate thugs. We do not live in a democracy, we live in a plutocracy -a nation ruled by the rich. The only way to achieve democracy is for everyone to become aware and organise like these communities. The power is in the people, but only when they join together. Otherwise the power is in the scum.

  4. It makes me sad to see such a lovely community suffer in the face of CORPORATE GAIN. It is an example of how little the big companies care for the lives of communities, families, the environment or the feelings of decent people globally.
    The documentary shows just how unlawful and inhumane these FAT Businesses are in persuing their aims to make money for the rich. how much can the guard get away with in their siege through innocence.? 
    The environment where Shell is concerned is raped over and over, and anyone/thing apposing their scourge as we have just witnessed, will be thrown, crushed and beaten without negotiation, money talks but money costs life/lives

  5. Foight daye man Paddy !

  6. People know what gas fracking has done in America, it completely destroys the environment… yet no one stops them.

  7. What did they achieve? What have the occupy protests achieved? Nothing,people power in this fashion will never achieve anything in Ireland,if you defy the law your going to get arrested even if the law is wrong. I think alot of these people were looking for some action to be honest they knew the outcome before they acted

  8. Breaks my heart to see the irish coppers baitin decent irish people.

  9. Money talks. At any expense, Shell will trample under foot, those who protest. This is not a new story, just recent. I am sure many of you have seen the other docs like it. Their evil knows no bounds or morals.

  10. what is democratic about our state. we are turning into america. the power is taken away from the people and so the choice is taken away to boot. this is one more small example of how our goverments are the sole controllers of the bigger picture. gone are the days where even one person could stand up for a ritious cause and be empowered. where is the peoples voice gone. and anyway, is anyone going to listen.

  11. You can’r led a few boggers stand in the way of progress…

  12. only too min 26 so far – THIS IS FUCKING CRIMINAL