Pirate Radio

This is a short 16 minute documentary from Vice exploring London’s original and current illegal underground radio scenes.

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  1. i love it! Raising up the VOICES OF THE PEOPLE!  reminds me of the similar artistic struggles of street art.  Simon & Garfunckle spoke a truth when he said, “the message of the prophets are written on the subway walls”. only corperate/political/greedy bozos care about qualitification status, and suppression only creates more creative ways of expression—never forget—people have a RIGHT to claim a platform!

  2. Don’t especially like vice ( too up their own ass ) but this a good scratchin . bare in mind  this has been going on for decades and  helped to promote underground music  (any genre ) . Big up Landan

  3. Interesting!  I wish it was longer, but there is enough info here to give an overview of the topic with some glimpses into some of the personalities involved in the phenomena.

  4. It’s Vice, always cool stuff. worth a watch