PLay FiLm

A short documentary interview: A man in the depth of serious drug addiction talks about his life and the effect heroin is having on it.(contains explicit intravenous drug use)

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  1. Just want to say thank you to the owner of this site for bringing us all these docs, and also for a place to discuss. Keep them coming 🙂

  2. This film is being featured at the ‘WELCOME TO BUSSEYWOOD’ section of the Peckham and Nunhead film open Saturday 22nd September 2012, plenty more films to embrace and enjoy that day too… please check it out if you are in London

  3. “CHOOSE LIFE” more true words could not be said. Jermboy I agree, i liked that it ended that way. Life isn’t that great anyways. I’ve never used Heroin luckily enough because i wasn’t exposed to it, so i have no idea how that guy feels, If you look at something blindly then you will not see.

  4. simply sad , i hope he will find a way out of the addiction , or get suicide. that way of life could be for short term.
    people must be strong to survive in life. family is a basis for life.

  5. Dudes obviously newish to the world of heroin addiction. PLease do not take this video as an example of the long evil road heroin addiction sends you on.

  6. A film by Mark Brown , the irony! Brings back some good memories. Would I go back??? Choose Life

  7. sad. life was meant to be enjoyed to the fullest without drugs. Jesus is the best void filler for me…tough life, i turn to Jesus…tough day…Jesus…Jesus…Jesus

    •  there’s no such thing as jesus, grow up, stop wasting your life following an imaginary man in you’re head, so many brain washed maniacs on this planet, well, whatever makes you feel comfortable when you die i guess,

  8. I thought that was fascinating, why does there have to be some rhetorical moral lesson, Life isn’t clear cut like that.

  9. that was pointless.

  10. There are no weekend warriors on the D.