The Pluto Files

In 1930, a farm boy with a passion for understanding the universe noticed a tiny dot moving across the night sky. It was at this moment Pluto was discovered, located 4 billion miles away from the Sun and cloaked in darkness Pluto is still somewhat of a mystery and up until recently our best images of it were nothing more than a blur. Even to this day many scientists still argue whether or not it is even a planet.

Pluto’s planetary status however has officially been revoked and because of this Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson who played a role in this status downgrade has received quite a but of flak from Pluto lovers the world over. In this film we see Dr. Tyson speak with some of his critics as well as discussing the history of Pluto in space.


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  1. Pluto is a planet always will be Fuck NDT and fuck you

  2. I had “NO IDEA” that Pluto was The United States Of America’s own “BABY” until now!!!!!

    Thank You Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Words of advice, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson shave your own neck to save your own neck because we do not need a “Blood Bath” for Pluto! LAUGHTER! Planets do not “Violate” other Planets Space; thus, the boundaries around their star; Comets, Asteroids, Meteors will violate Planets’ space, but Planets “DO NOT” violate other Planets Space; thus, the rotation boundaries around a star are not violated by Planets violating those boundaries; therefore, there is a Mathematical necessary difference that distinguishes Planets to be different “Mathematically” than that of Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors. Truth, and Mathematics can be unkind, but the “Mathematical Truth” will always prevail as Human Beings have learned in the past; for example, The Earth is not Flat; The Earth is not the center of the Solar System; The Solar System is not the center of the Galaxy; The Galaxy is not the center of The Universe, and possibly “HUMAN BEINGS” are NOT the center of attention of The Universe; thus, it has all been an arrogance of the “Ego” in the names of Governments, Religions, and Superstitions that has mislead the Human Being Species, and continues to mislead the Human Being Species; thus, The Human Being Species are failing to graduate of mastering their environment known as The Universe! And if the Human Beings fail, The Universe and/or Universes (meaning plural or many) will continue without them; that being, without The Human Beings! Therefore, it is failure that will lose!
    EYE 5