Police in Danger: Caught on Camera

It should come as no surprise that police officers put themselves into some very dangerous situations on a daily basis and with the rise of body cameras the severity of these situations is becoming more and more apparent as we are exposed to the footage captured of these events. In this documentary we get exclusive access to some of this footage and see first hand how these situations are dealt with.

In the United Kingdom an officer reports being assaulted on average every 18 minutes, here we meet the policemen and women who are putting themselves in danger to protect the public. Featuring footage from the arrest of the most wanted man in Wales and the officer who was nearly killed by a man wielding a deadly Samurai Sword.
We also learn of ‘Code Zero’ a code which is activated when an officer is in danger and hits an emergency button on their Police radio.
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  1. A typical British TV production approved to show nothing but advantages to video taping the entire population for purposes of crime fighting.
    Never mind the ridiculous rules the law operates under and the political correctness of it all.
    The main advantage of video is keeping an eye on the Great Unwashed and handing out fines for minor infractions that help pay for it all.


  3. can’t kill jewish money)

  4. law enforcement should die for us. for a pittance) you all non-cops too) YOU ARE SLAVES) you’re aren’t allowed protecting yourselves) ONLY THE RICH MAKE LAWS)

  5. law enforcement should die for us. for a pittance) ONLY THE RICH MAKE LAWS)

  6. law enforcement is a tough job, every day these people face a wide range of threat levels. These people are the true unsung heroes in fact alot of people today view them as crooked and racist power abusers, but we still need them to sustain a world without chaos.