Pompeii with Michael Buerk

Pompeii is arguably the most famous historical site on Earth, at its height 2,000 years ago it was an important gateway servicing Rome, the center of the world’s greatest empire. But violent eruptions from Mount Vesuvius buried this ancient city, capturing its people and its lifestyles on a very typical Roman day.

One of the first things that strike you about Pompeii is the sheer size of it, it’s massive and it’s busy, with nearly 3 million people walking its streets every year to try and experience how this ancient city was frozen in time but now using state of the art technology and years of scientific research, journalist Michael Buerk is going to try and bring this city back to life.

For centuries experts have dug away at this incredible site, working hard to piece together the true story of the Pompeians and all that hard work now allows Buerk to uncover the real stories of the real people. Taking advantage of CGI to rebuild their homes and see the sheer scale of the cities greatest monuments.

In this film Buerk is on a journey through one of the most visited tourist sites on Earth, we see him follow in the footsteps of the real people who lived in this amazing ancient city and experience what their lives were really like.

Directed by: Michael Wadding

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  1. Definitely worth the view

  2. cheesy presenter, looks like he enjoys a tipple or three too many…