Poor Kids of America

In the United States child poverty has reached record levels, with over 16 million children now affected nationwide. One in twelve americans are now jobless and many children are growing up with little hope of long term employment. With middle class families loosing their homes sometimes with very short notice, more and more pressure is being piled onto charitable causes such as food banks and shelters.

In this documentary BBC ask three children to express their views on what life in modern America is really all about these days.

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  1. That sarah girl is so smart. This is no way for anyone to live. Sad to watch, but thats the reality of life.

  2. In response to Alex,
    a) You are making a lot of assumptions.
    b) You are lucky.
    c) The advice you offer cannot work for everyone. Not in the state things
    currently are.

    Right now there are the super-rich. The 1%. Not only do they have the money,
    they also have the influence. They feel justified in what they do because they
    provide security to industry and ultimately jobs. Their fee is a share in the
    thereby maintaining their wealth. The government understands that they have
    them over the barrel so they are eager to keep them happy.

    There are the managers. They run the companies. They introduce technology in
    increase efficiency and reduce the number of employees because, well they don’t
    need them anymore. They feel justified in taking a big fat slice of money they
    save the company through their clever insights.

    Then there are are workers. Fewer and fewer are needed each year. The boss pays
    them to to learn how to operate the new tech. They produce more than ever but
    they aren’t working much harder. They are getting paid the same because if they
    rock the boat they will be fired instead of one of the other guys.

    And what we see in this documentary are the ex-workers and their families. It’s
    the result of the above scenario. There IS work, it’s just that anyone with a
    full-time job is doing more than their share of it.

    As far as I can tell, one of two things needs to happen. People need to be able
    to afford to live on the money they earn on less work or social-security should
    pay people enough to bring them above the poverty line. The former can only
    happen with a fairer distribution of wealth within industry. The latter can
    only happen through a fair distribution of wealth through tax reforms.

  3. Up here in north dakota men with no highschool, some of the convicted felons are banking anywhere from 30k to 150k a year in the oil field.
    all you have to do is bust ass and work hard and you will be fine, instead of looking for a job the requires a college degree, go be a mechanic or an electrician, ever have one charge you for a new bumper or to repair a circuit breaker? they make moolah

  4. Why dont they just grow some food on their lawn?

  5. This white lady says it all !!! She is unemployed, going to collage, taking psychotropic prescription meds, RENTS an entire house for her kids and a dog. Plus, this is only what she is willing to admit on camera.. right!! what else right ?? Oh yeah her kids don’t know who their father is, and like to talk about the TV.
    Why is America so screwed!?!? because millions of TV Slave people live their lives like this!! and say they are just looking for JORBBBS!!
    Simple solution for these people:
    -stop taking on debt loads you cant afford.
    -get off of the drugs.
    -kill your TV! maybe sell it,,, for money!?!
    -find a way to make money.
    -keep finding a way to make money…..
    -think outside the box!! don’t just look for a job!!! make business find a niche.
    -if all else fails, MOVE!!! you probably live in a crap hole in the middle of nowhere. Some of these places are not able to support you.
    Why should the productive people of North America support you. They have already personally done all of the things I mentioned above.
    Now your turn!

  6. ‘”loosing their homes” ..? ,, with grammar such as this it is no suprise.