PQ17 An Arctic Convoy Disaster

Man has fought wars in many terrible places over the centuries, but never has he fought in a place as terrible as this, this is the place where the men who ran the second world war arctic convoys went to work, among not only the German, submarines and planes but nature at her most brutal. One hundred mile an hour winds, mountainous waves, Icebergs and temperatures down to minus 60 degrees celsius. It was a terrible place to live and a terrible place to die. Throughout the second world war their where many arctic convoys but in the documentary presented by Jeremy Clarkson the focus is on just one. Codenamed PQ17, it was the largest that had ever sailed, it was also the first significant Anglo-American operation of the war and on the night of July the 4th, 1942, it became the biggest naval disaster of the 20th century.

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