Preppers UK

Paranoid and delusional, or should the rest of you be prepping too?

Preppers UK introduces you to local preppers, each with their own unique fears and personal plans to survive a catastrophe.
In Northern Ireland, meet Tom and his ‘A Team’ of preppers, fellow born-again Christians Wayne, Clinton and Craig, who are ready for mass civil unrest and possible terrorism.
Zac from Leeds is afraid of global economic collapse, and lives off the grid after having ditched his three-bed terrace house in exchange for a tepee.
In the Scottish Borders, factory worker Stuart is qualified to survive any disaster thanks to hisextreme training and survival skills.
Former paratrooper Richard is set for anything: he can forage on the streets of his housing estate to get food and make tools from discarded junk.
Sam is only 12 and possibly the youngest survivalist in the country. He even has bug-out bags ready for his mum, dad and sister that he says “they don’t know about”.
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  2. Nowhere to run?
    DARPA combat robots | Subterranean Challenge – autonomous robots in caves and underground passages

  3. I only share to inform, there are so many jabs now that everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon.
    \we now knoa that this will never end..bird flu to humans next.
    It’s just as well we are ready to say, “stick it up your ar*e”.


  4. How many do you need if it is so effective?

    That’ll do, you can look yourselves.

  5. Hello fellow ‘not so’ crazy people, I have been prepping for some time now as a witness to the bs 9/11 fiction that caused so many, me too, to fall into conspiracy traps and trust the likes of jones and Icke.
    I came to in 2019 after loosing my family, career as a chef and my home but I am fortunate to still have my kids which one, my son 15, believes me and my daughter,18, who is a screen junkie and anime cult member.
    I see the future as I read from The World Economic Forum, EU, UN, all foundations, tech companies, economical and financial markets etc and it looks grim for those who blindly follow media and conspiracy theories as I now know we were ALL set-up to crack up but the normies have that to come. I am grateful that I awakened and experienced the darkness and this will help me cope as I fear nothing now as I have died before, drowning aged 9, and felt the warmth and peace it brings, shame some bugger revived me. When I came to over a log I cried and apparently swore at the guy who saved me.

    Since then I have felt I had nothing to lose and my breakdown brought my heart and soul back to life but I am no fool nor soft as I have enough gear to fend off a small force and to survive.
    I am reaching out to anyone in Scotland and the Borders as I know I need shared practice and training to enhance my skills. When the time comes, before 2025, I hope to join a community that has a plan and goal as I do and only wish to learn and contribute as when I put my all into something its all or nothing and we are safer in numbers than being picked off inside our concrete coffin homes.
    I have only one goal, survive to tell the tale in truth and experience.
    It is happening finally and we must stand together as whether we like it or not, sooner or later we will have to turn and face it and fight for our lives.
    I have much to tell but I can guarantee no theories, just from the horses mouth. as I have studies reality and the deceptions and ruses the minions use and am willing to share.

    We are the future freedom fighters. The Resistance.

    A brother in truth.
    Johnny. Galashiels.

  6. In the second one a guy predicted the coronavirus in 2013 :O y’all called him crazy then! Not anymore!

  7. All these people are nuts (and a little sad) no matter where they’re located if they treat this as anything other than a hobby. Surviving a global catastrophe is very much just rolling the dice. Whatever the crisis, it will always take you by surprise, it will unfold in ways you never expect, and will hit some areas disproportionately more than others. You will always have a much better chance working with your neighbors to pull everyone through rather than running off to the woods and turning on everyone like a paranoid hermit.

  8. In the Appalachians you might have a few months, but the UK? These dreamers are unbelievable. How is one deluded anorak going to defend himself against a dozen hungry, desperate armed men?