The Prince Story: Icon, Genius… Slave

Prince, outrageous, iconoclastic, oozing charisma, a 5 foot 3 rock god and a man who very few people truly knew or understood. Purple Rain was the song that became Princes theme tune and spawned an iconic film of the same name, it was an anthem and story of redemption, it established Prince the superstar and resonated around the world with 22 million sales.

Princes genius was never in question yet the seeds of his self destruction were sewn long before he became a star. He shot to global fame propelled by the need to free himself from his past, never truly escaping the guilt and shame of his early years.

This film is a dramatization of the life of the acclaimed American musician, and explores his life in the full, from his childhood right up to when he died from an accidental overdose at the age of just 57 in 2016.

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