Prince: The Glory Years

Prince: The Glory Yearsis a documentary film which reviews and re-captures this golden decade and with the aid of his friends, colleagues, fellow musicians and other notable contributors, helps discover why Prince Rodgers Nelson simply stole the ’80s.

This documentary primarily focuses on Prince’s creative and commercial output during the 1980’s, with anecdotes provided by several of the key collaborators of the era, some great insight is provided into the inner workings of the 1980’s Purple Reign.

Packed with live performance and studio footage, rare photographs and new interviews with friends, confidants, fellow musicians and other people close to Prince, the program sheds light on one of the industry’s most innovative and influential artists.

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  1. I think he burned out in the 2000s and the drugs cooked him. It’s a shame of course but when you start out at 17 years old with a smash him it’s hard to keep it going when you’re 50.

    I remember his first album came out and it was just so over the top revolutionary. And then The Time album came out which was really him playing and performing it all by himself. Only Gary Wright comes even close and his stuff was plain and boring compared to Prince.

  2. I cant believe he has died. What a phenomenon. We love you always. You will always live in our hearts and music. RIP

  3. Funny comments.
    He’s still about, he still tours the world but as he fell out with Warner he no longer has the MASSIVE backing of one of the worlds largest record companies who’s job it is to make YOU believe that their artists are worth you spending your money on.

    Most popular music is crap but most people think it’s great because they’ve been told to think it’s great by the hype machine known as PR/Marketing or better known as Propaganda!

    I loved Prince in the 80’s as he made some great tracks and he’s a really talented guy but like all artists in the main stream he’s overrated…Unlike Frank Zappa who’s underrated!


  4. Of more interest is why did the ‘reign’ end? The artist formerly known as Prince – what happened to him and why? Insider info says it has to do with refusal to sacrifice his first born child to illuminati.

  5. The audio is out of sync