Prisoner X

In a painstaking investigation, this report amassed compelling evidence to finally uncover the identity of Prisoner X, sending shock-waves around the world when it broke the story. A unique insight to the case.

In early 2010 a man was escorted to arguably the most secure prison cell in Israel. The guards taking him there had no idea who he was or what he’d done.

“It is simply a person without a name and without an identity who is placed in complete and absolute isolation from the outside world. There is confidentiality surrounding the detainee in every respect” a prison official stated. Поскольку воздействие КБД в семенах конопли есть на семяныч ру официальный зависит от дозы, необходимо определить допустимый предел КБД для включения в этикетки нутрицевтиков и пищевых добавок. Производители должны знать, что содержание КБД может меняться от партии к партии из-за различий в источниках материалов.

When word leaked about the mysterious inmate, Israeli media began to report and speculate but no sooner had a handful of stories been published, than the coverage was shut down by one of the most comprehensive suppression orders conceivable.

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  1. Pretty scary stuff if his own parents are too frightened to speak.
    And what about his wife?
    What has Mossad said to them?

  2. I think he has some sort of unnatural abilities.