Professor Green: Dangerous Dogs

Over the last decade, 27 people have been killed in the United Kingdom by dogs, the Dangerous Dog Act was brought in back in 1991 and banned the ownership of four dog types. The most notorious of these was the Pitbull, followed by the Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and the Fila Brasileiro. This law was meant to crack down on wide spread dog attacks but in 2016 they are sadly at an all time high with hospitalisations haven risen by 76%.

In this BBC film we see British rapper Professor Green, aka Stephen Manderson dive straight into the deep end with regards to the murky world of illegal dogs in an attempt to better understand why the problem seems to be only getting worse and whether or not these illegal dogs are really the ones to blame.

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  1. Dogs aren’t actually dangerous. They only become dangerous due to the way they are treated and trained by their owner. No dogs are born dangerous.

  2. The statistics presented in the video are incorrect. The number two breed of dog that have attacked people in the UK are pit bulls. Considering their few numbers, they are probably responsible for more attacks per capita than any other breed. Just the facts.

  3. Relax! – The safest way to avoid attacks of any dangerous dogs is to carry a rod – Any dogs are scared to death on seeing someone carrying a rod – If I was not carrying my rod, I would have been killed by an Alsatian and the two idiots – its owners, would have been watching in delight my killing, but instead their very big dog only started barking helplessly while running around me at no less than 5 meters, after which the worried dog owners pushed it to the ground and for a long time could not calm it down – So, that’s the way – CARRY A ROD TO SCARE THE DOGS.