The Psychopath Next Door

We all love our Hollywood psychopaths, and they play a special role in our society because of our innate passion for the dark side of humanity, a prime example of one such beloved psychopath could be Dexter or even Hannibal Lecter. Most of us consider them to be just fiction, but in fact real psychopaths are everywhere, not necessarily physically violent but more just cut throat in the way they treat or perceive others, especially in the corporate setting. This film explores the possibility that anyones boss could theoretically be a psychopath and asks how can we deal with such individuals?


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  1. All organizations are eventually run by psychopaths.

  2. what crap information. Some guy trying to pick up chicks does not make him a psychopath. In our world, 2% are NOT psychopaths.

  3. Demonizes psychopathy and has false information. Basic propaganda.

    • Right. Psychopaths are warm and fuzzy and help us all be better. What false information? What exactly strikes you as propaganda and why? Or are you just blaming healthy people for wisely avoiding your psychopathy?