PTSD From Gang Violence in LA

With gang violence being common place in particular American cities such as LA there is an epidemic of PTSD affecting the youth of urban war zone communities. VICE News travels to the front line of this epidemic in Los Angeles with the kids who are suffering, and the adults trying to save them from being destined for the fringes of society.

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  1. is it just me, or does she remind you of Russel Brand?

  2. It’s not amazing that it’s happening in America. Human beings are going to kill and maim each other even if everybody lives in a house like the taj mahal. especially if you are trying to survive financially with fears of going hungry. The pressures are immense. Materialism runs rampant and the worst fear of these youth is to be laughed at and ridiculed for not having material things. Devastation for somebody in poverty. Not to mention tv shoving violence down their throats like cough medicine. In these areas, establishing catholic schools and offering scholarships based on need would be an excellent idea and providing a very nutritious lunch. I’ve seen the wonderful men these children become with good Christian education. It is a shame they live in a warzone when there is no war. Christian education is a large part of the answer in restoring human love, compassion, and respect for our neighbors.

  3. i find it hard to believe someone does not understand killing each other is not bad. you have a group of young men and women who claim to not know any better? yet the dogs and cats are not laying around dead. i don’t buy the words coming out of their mouths. i believe they like the feel of lawlessness and not until they are shot do they begin to understand it’s their death that could be next. their foolish youth believing i wont get shot that keeps them going. lawlessness is their love, death is their payment.
    then you have the adults running around asking these stupid questions as if they too do not understand. pass out the guns and let us watch and when the last one dies it is over. the adults are not willing to take the time to talk, then built prisons, if nothing else to save them from themselves.
    I HAVE NOW HEARD IT ALL. we didn’t know any better! OK, right. dead men walking and not walking fast enough. where are the black leaders? there are none because they run the gangs for profit. shut it down now. nothing worth saying. IF THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND KILLING IS WRONG, then there is now officially no hope!
    JUST LIKE YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TEACH WHAT A BROTHER OR A SISTER IS. it is called family and everyone knows this. GOD did not make such stupid people and they will answer for their actions and he will not buy, YOU DID NOT KNOW ANY BETTER! he wrote it own your heart………………………