Punk In Drublic

Punk in Drublic is a music festival that was designed by NOFX frontman Fat Mike. He combined craft beer and the punk scene heavyweights NOFX, Bad Religion, Pennywise, Rancid, The Offspring, Descendents, Less Than Jake, and The Interrupters, to create a live music experience that has not been seen for some time.

This documentary tells the story of the touring festival through its first three years. The film is built around exclusive interviews, backstage footage, and live performances. It also delves into the impact and repercussions of the controversial joke that threatened the festival’s existence.

The original punk bands from the ’70s heavily influenced the birth of many other bands of the same style, these new groups passed through the ’80s, without money, sometimes without an audience, without perspective, but the love for music was always there. Some of these bands survived and made it into the ’90s. They created an independent way of showing how much they had evolved musically. Globalization made it possible, and they managed to reach almost every corner of the world.

Many bands from this era created a huge impact on the various different scenes around the globe. Once the internet came along, it changes everything, now access to information was within reach of the majority. Those bands who struggled to make it in the beginning now realized that, in fact, they did not need middlemen anymore.

Directed by: Alfredo M.R. Vincente

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