Pure Science Specials: Magnetic Storm

There is a region of our planet that no human being has ever visited, no one has ever seen this place, yet what happens here effects everyone of us every day of our lives. Its 2000 miles beneath our feet, the earths molten core. Here a vast ocean of liquid iron generates an invisible forcefield, the earths magnetic field. It surrounds our entire planet cocooning us from the dangers of space, but now scientists have made an alarming discover, there is a storm brewing deep within the earth, a storm which could destroy our vital magnetic field.

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  1. very eye opening documentary,thanks to all researcher. hope for good things in the future,stop polluting earth, otherwise it will destroy us one day

  2. Liked this documentary a lot. Its an interesting topic, and really makes you wonder. What is going to happen? when will that happen, and what will become of the situation. We won’t be around for it, but, its a mental puzzle that while we wont solve, will be experienced or figured out by our ancestors.