Putin’s Gamble

In this Panorama film, they set about confronting Vladimir Putin as he stands accused of launching an undeclared war against Ukraine. This particular outbreak of war has been simmering for a long time, many Ukrainians wanted to move closer to the West, violent protests followed but then in Kiev on February of 2014 the first shots were fired. In a single day 51 Ukrainians were gunned down by snipers who picked them off one by one. A new Pro Western government emerged, the Kremlin’s response was to stir up rebellion in the Crimean.

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  1. funny how the western world cries in outrage against this illegal and indiscriminate Invasion of Ukraine. yet people in the western world cheered and demanded the illegal invasion and subsequent destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and soon to be Iran, by the united states.

    • Ok… I’ll bite. What was the proper response, rather the response you think proper, to Russia invading a country after the guy that supported them was ousted from power?

    • Absolutely, this program is clutching at straws to find evidence to support it’s narrative. I was expecting to see (at the very least) – Mr Putin’s response to the accusation put to him in the introduction. It is subjective and fails to even explore in any depth – the Russian position. Instead, I was surprised to see from a BBC documentary, such a one-sided flimsy argument for what has been a significant event in recent history. It is reminiscent of George W Bush logic.

    • I have upvoted you regarding your response, (I agree) but it should be noted that many people (millions) around the world tried to avert a pre-emptive strike in Iraq, prior to it’s invasion. (huge protests) Of course, the corporate backed U.S regime did it anyways setting precedence for what would follow, thus for them to complain regarding Russian interference in the Ukraine just makes them hypocrites. (something tells me they won’t lose any sleep as long as they get what they want)

  2. War does not break out, neither does it get caught or chained!!!!