Putin’s Revenge

It was election day 2016 and as Americans headed to the polls United States intelligent agencies were on high alert. Intelligent agencies had been tracking a multi-pronged effort to influence voters, leaks of hacked emails, adverts on Facebook and Google, on social media trolls and bots were spreading as much fake news as possible all of which they believed was connected to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

It was considered to be the most aggressive campaign that the Russians had ever mounted in the history of the United States elections. It was startling the sophistication that went into this effort.

This is a two-part investigation into the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s conflict with the United States.

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  1. russians act trough twitter , facebook, fox and memesites because there are idiot rednecks who get information from there and think that conspiracy theories are reael, and a serial criminal president who praises dictators, fucked up the pandemic so bad the usa is the most infected country now in the whole world, and wants to ignore

    people who didn’t vote should wake up and and go out to vote to save america from corrupt crazy cultists and that retard orange monkey, even if we hate Biden, we have no other option to avoid a complete republican neonazi dictature

  2. Did you hear how Putin got his minions to use Pokemon Go to alter the election? Something CNN has actually said in an article. And people wonder why they are called fake news and why democrats are known as idiots which are victims of propaganda.

  3. Read Mueller report dummies.