Radioman is a New York film set mascot, a gentle vagrant whose real name is Craig Castaldo. He has become a staple of the NY film industry, having over 100 small roles to his name. Some of these films include The Departed, The Bourne Trilogy, Shutter Island, Elf, Two Weeks Notice, Keeping the Faith, Godzilla, Ransom, Big Daddy, and the list goes on. He is known as ‘Radioman’ on account of always wearing a radio tied with a piece of string around his neck.

Castaldo was born in 1951, he overcame alcoholism and homelessness, but it is his life as ‘Radioman’ that has truly inspired millions. Over the past 20 years, he has become somewhat of a cult figure for always being found hanging around Manhatten film sets. Ever since he struck up a conversation with Bruce Willis on the set of The Bonfire of the Vanities, he has found himself getting cast in minor non-speaking roles, he could be described as the New York film industry’s lucky charm. Whoopi Goldberg even went as far as to take him to the Oscars as her guest one of the years she hosted

This feature documentary explores the charmingly bad-mouthed cameo-actor in great depth, and through various interviews with big named stars such as Jude Law, Johnny Depp, Robin Williams and more we hear of the bizarre life this unique character has had. We follow Castaldo from homelessness to hero as he travels around New York City on the hunt for film sets, whilst entertaining the actors and cheekily advising the directors on how to do their jobs.

However, even though Radioman is adored as a sort of mascot, filmmaker Kerr reveals that not all the perks of being an A-list celebrity are afforded to him. We see how James Gandolfini and Ricky Gervais are not overly impressed by the liberties Radioman takes, and when he goes on a trip to LA and attempts to get into Oscar parties, Radioman is presented with the harsh reality that he himself is not truly welcome in Hollywood.

Directed by: Mary Kerr

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  1. Hey useless hollywood celebrities. Instead of talking about how cool you think he is, Why don’t you step up to the plate with some action of integrity and take him into your home.

    • I’m sure he does get helped out but he is ok about his life and way it has worked out. No greed in that man. Clone him!!