Rageh Inside Iran

What do we really know about the Islamic Republic of Iran, aside from a Cold War rhetoric of politicians on both sides each accusing the other of evil? Rageh Omaar embarks on a unique journey inside what he describes as one of the most misunderstood countries in the world, looking at the country through the eyes of people rarely heard – ordinary Iranians. It took a year of wrangling to get permission to film inside Iran but the result is an amazing portrayal of an energetic and vibrant country that is completely different to the usual images seen in the media.

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  1. Iran’s regime is just fine, and iran’s lack of development is due to the wars and sanctions West and apartheid states have thrown upon it – those zionists occupying and murdering palestinians will be out soon.

  2. Regime will be overthrown soon

  3. Shame on clinton-Obama -Bush all dealt with iran Terror regime Not Trump

  4. Regime has attacked more than a 1000 Women by acid some became blind live in misery

  5. Half of power in Iran is in hand of jews and that’s why Zionists In America Want to lift up sanctions on iran terror regime

  6. a lot of people may not know the C.i.A Bush father put this regime in power

  7. I’m iranian and thank president Trump to pull out the root of this terrorist regime taken 80 mllion iranians and region hostage

  8. shame on this very corrupt brutal regime made 80% of iranians in poverty and themselves became multi billionaires

  9. This Gentleman producer thomas must be very brave to film In iran . He did a very good job to expose the total corrupt total brutal regime In power .

  10. Tehran is now a very dangerous place, more violent and oppresive than when this film was made.
    I would never visit a place where women are forced to cover their heads in public.

    • @12054d92028776044df72e0d9f2cc3a8:disqus Where the hell are you talking about!??!?!? this summer i’ve been there! Its a fantastic place, its the best place in the whole world: the people are so sweet, its so modern and its everyting! Iran self: Shiraz, Isfahan, the north of Iran! everywhere there is great 😉

  11. MMM  they suppress human rights – oppressively and aggressively .Period .

  12. Nice documentary really enjoyed it.

  13. great documentarie!!!!Thank you Mr Rageh you really opened my eyes to a great country, after watching made me want to visit iran.