Real Estate 4 Ransom

The Global Financial Crisis is a wake up call to the people: get a
grip on economic policy and change it to benefit all. For too long we
have let those ‘in the know’ sculpt economic and tax policies to their
liking” said Co-Director Karl Fitzgerald.

REAL ESTATE 4 RAN$OM outlines the genuine alternative to the global
property speculation that forced so many into debt. Doubling the
pressure, the tax game has become just that, with tax havens a
favoured option for the wealthy. The result – we are taxing the wrong
things, causing more problems whilst bankrupting once proud economies.
A systemic change is essential if we are to avoid these damaging

Treasurer Wayne Swan needs these insights to analyse the power of
monopoly over small business and entrepreneurs. The film discusses the
economic background to the immense wealth Swan acknowledged in his
recent attack on mining industry magnates. Unearned income, economic
rent and entitlement are discussed.

The film shows how those who own our scarce resources are privileged
and hold great economic advantages over small business and

“Spontaneous eruptions like the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring
remind us our economic rights are as important as civil rights.”

Watch REAL ESTATE 4 RAN$OM to skill up on the key issues as we
accelerate towards economic democracy,” stated Fitzgerald.

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  1. Evening wealth disparity is all well and good— if you want consumerism to run rampant and the global warming tipping point to trigger overnight.
    Inflation would even out the scales too… with rampant consumerism— resulting from distributing of wealth– increasing the price of everything—- to make it un-affordable for most.

  2. We need robots! And I’m not kidding, completely automate all manufacturing industries so they are super efficient, that way you can compete with other countries like china.


    Reinvest those profits in educating the population, we don’t need monkeys working on production lines, we need more scientists and doctors. Keeping jobs for the sake of employing people is just plain narrow minded idiocy. Just my 2c.


  4. A very good start. However, we must not stop at very good.
    I do not think many will last through this. It is not what you say (good) but how you say it.The format needs to be made less like an out of town
    local authority report (yawn) but must be simple, clear,and captivating, illustrated in a manner that means those who happen to find the report are unable and unwilling to move anywhere else.That includes sound.

    Today, our mother and fathers may last through it, but we would lose our brothers and sisters, as well as our sons and daughters. We can’t afford to.
    Look at Japonese spiderman type comics and similar magazines, look at adverts on TV and look at adds from the corporations and Banks (hate to say this, but the ad-men they employ do know how to spin a yarn .

    Then re-approach the film.Short, sharp, accumulative in content, so it builds to the revelation that we aren’t in a recession at all, its just that we have chosen to let the holders of land also enjoy the value of land,which they never create, and instead collect our revenue from taxing (making more difficult)the very source of wealth, production and its distribution; and consequently have to live in the inevitable boom/bust degenerative cycles that follow, which finally destroy the societies that practice this unlawful vice.

    Ie , its been our choice! This underlines the importance of the clarity of the intro and main body. It must leave anyone with ten minutes or so to spare with a very clear idea of how our (the state and most of its citizens ) are suffering a self imposed idiocy, devoted to making a small part of society rich, the rest living, working and dying making it all happen. [In the mistaken belief we are working for the well being of the whole]

    It might finish with a minute suggesting the simple proceedure for
    introducing land value taxation (Annual valuation, tax payed annually, payed directly to the Revenue,with rent courts to attend to disputes appeals etc.

    Good luck.

  5. I’m not sure if I’m liking the model, though it seems elegant and might be an awesome start.
    What happens if you don’t/can’t pay your tax? sounds forceful. I guess you could sell and move somewhere cheaper.
    Better yet might be a tax-free threshold so say the bottom ~20% of properties. This would provide an accommodation safety net, and encourage leasing/development at the bottom of the market, instead of the top. Perfect for the frugal, the aged and the poor. Hopefully lead to the extinguishing of social housing (which is a disaster).
    Great food for thought

  6. @ Xar – I’ll counter your idea with a pretty simple law of economics – poor people or people living on the verge of the poverty line, spend their entire pay checks domestically while people who make money spend their money abroad and allocate their funds abroad. Lowering taxes on business’ will not change anything, corporations will still try to cut corners and pinch every penny as they’d always done and ship work abroad by buying into congress and financing bills like NAFTA for example. The American dream died in the 60s, the American revolution was great and it lasted for about 15 to 20 years after the second war. War was the best money maker for the US and this is why the US has been involved in military conflicts [at least two every year] since 1945.

  7. I at times wonder why everything I own is made in some foreign land, oh I remember now there is no incentive to set up a business in America anymore.

    Most of you replying to my comments on this board are most likely unemployed collecting food stamps from the government wishing you got that big raise instead of being canned, now you’re 6 months out of work wondering why you can’t get a job in the land of the free. (Sad Face)
    If you quit taxing business they might come back to the land of the free and start to manufacture again instead of going to countries with cheaper labor and lower taxes.

    Less tax on common people will only further drive business away from America. It’s funny how when America was a big manufacturer most of its people got to live the American dream, now America has become fat and lazy and expects to get hand me downs from big business.

    You’re right though James higher wage real useful! And less tax on business will go directly to consumption dr_set I agree with you, especially when you have real job creation again.

    Ps.. This documentary truly sucks and is a waste of everyones time

  8. All I heard was, BUY THE LAND WHILE IT’S CHEAP!!! sell later

  9. Lest tax on the common people will go directly to consumption, that goes to the companies, that in turn will create jobs. Lest tax on business, that are basically own by rich people (how many stock on apple, bank of america and pfizer do you have?), goes into their savings account (porfolio), that goes in to the speculative markets to produce even more money.

  10. Lolz XRA – moron. Yeah lets tax the people heavy and all the goods. That makes that higher wage real useful – you sir are so stupid it hurts me.

    i sure hope your post was a actually a troll

  11. amerikka is done.

    you lazy fukkkers got what you deserve.

    the land of tattoos, de-education, drunkenness, drugs, and mindless tv.

    how’s that for your reality tv.

  12. This documentary was produced by hippies and is garbage

    save your time watch something else

    you want a solution to job creation and higher wages

    quit taxing busineses and tax the people and goods

    • But we’re not taxing business as evidenced by the corporations that are barely paying taxes and electing the people running the country which in turn give them the loopholes that have been created for them. It’s one giant circle where the average, hard working person (myself included) get a hard, long, painful thrust up the tail pipe to the point that we vomit money into the pockets of those corporations to continue the cycle.