Real Estate 4 Ransom

The Global Financial Crisis is a wake up call to the people: get a
grip on economic policy and change it to benefit all. For too long we
have let those ‘in the know’ sculpt economic and tax policies to their
liking” said Co-Director Karl Fitzgerald.

REAL ESTATE 4 RAN$OM outlines the genuine alternative to the global
property speculation that forced so many into debt. Doubling the
pressure, the tax game has become just that, with tax havens a
favoured option for the wealthy. The result – we are taxing the wrong
things, causing more problems whilst bankrupting once proud economies.
A systemic change is essential if we are to avoid these damaging

Treasurer Wayne Swan needs these insights to analyse the power of
monopoly over small business and entrepreneurs. The film discusses the
economic background to the immense wealth Swan acknowledged in his
recent attack on mining industry magnates. Unearned income, economic
rent and entitlement are discussed.

The film shows how those who own our scarce resources are privileged
and hold great economic advantages over small business and

“Spontaneous eruptions like the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring
remind us our economic rights are as important as civil rights.”

Watch REAL ESTATE 4 RAN$OM to skill up on the key issues as we
accelerate towards economic democracy,” stated Fitzgerald.

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