The Real Jack The Ripper

In 1888, London England was the world’s largest city and the first to experience a serial killer. Fear and confusion gripped the city for a ten week period now know as the Autumn Of Terror. Over a century has passed and the murders remain unsolved. What really happened and why wasn’t Jack the Ripper caught? In separating the facts from fiction we uncover a Victorian era unprepared to protect its citizens from this nocturnal monster. With new perspectives the victims stories are finally understood, not by their terrible deaths but by their heartrending lives.

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  1. 3 pennies for sex?… I’ll have 5 quid’s worth thanks love!

    My god what a miserable place to live. The ripper did them a favour if you ask me.

  2. Patricia Cornwells work of ‘fiction’ has been completely and comprehensively pulled to bits by researchers and ‘Ripper’ authors. She is not a researcher a ‘ripperologist’, she is an author of fiction.

  3. Best doc yet that I’ve seen on the subject.
    Recommended reading is Patricia Cornwell’s Portrait of a Killer. She thinks she’s solved who Jack actually was. Spent years researching the killings.