The Real Jesus Christ

Around 25 years after the death of Jesus Christ, the movement he had inspired split into two factions, these factions held very different views of their leader, his identity, message and vision. A power struggle quickly ensued and one of these factions under the guiding genius of St. Paul emerged the winner.

Eventually he had written his version of Jesus’s story in theĀ Gospels of the New Testament, however the other faction is more mysterious it left behind no surviving record of its beliefs and withered away. Yes unlike the winners who wrote the Gospels this lost faction was comprised of the people who really knew Jesus, his family and his disciples.

What if they had won the power struggle and written their alternative biography of Jesus? What sort of person would Jesus be if his life story had been told by those who knew him best?

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  2. did you kniw i was given a greatpower from Jesus Christ ,I canhear every even hundreds of miles away and if i say thr. full name then i can hear them like thr in my body text me your name and ill fullname and ill prove it i even can pull the pic. off the wall and whatever it is it ,i bring it