The Real Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is one of the most celebrated fictional characters of all time, absolutely adored by generations around the world. She is a magical character who happens to also be very believable but the creator of Mary Poppins, the Australian author Pamela Travers has until now been virtually unknown and this was by choice as Pamela refused to allow herself to become famous and let people know about her life.

Yet it is the extraordinary story of her life which holds the key to Mary Poppins, Pamela lied about her upbringing and frequently reinvented her past Locked in Pamela’s childhood lies the secret of Mary Poppins and her explosive relationship with screen mogul Walt Disney over control of her character is most recently explored in the feature film Saving Mr. Banks.

Through interviews with Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson, this film reveals the fascinating story of The Real Mary Poppins and the truth that lies behind the enthralling fictions.

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