The Real True Detective?

In 2014 Entertainment Weekly asked the creator of HBO’s series True Detective Nic Pizzolatto about the inspirations behind the show, he suggested Googling the word combination “Satanism, Preschool, Louisiana” so Vice took upon themselves to do so and found that there was in fact a case involving old church family and ritualistic child molestation which had a striking resemblance to the shows plot.

In this episode of Vice’s new series entitled “The Real”, they travelled to Louisiana in order to meet with two law enforcement officials who helped investigate and put an end to these terrible, true events.

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  1. I haven’t been a fan of Vice. They seem to focus on sensational claims and piecing it together in a way that makes you think you’re getting something exclusive and earth shattering, but it ends up being nothing.

    During the first half of this one I was thinking, “Wow. Maybe I’ve been wrong. Maybe they do uncover some amazing things” By the end I realized I had been let down yet again.

    I agree with David (Great name, by the way) in that this was a case of satanic panic. There was likely abuse of a very horrible nature, but not satanic.

    • What exactly are you looking for ”amazing things” waht could be amazing about abusing chidren, or were you looking for the satanic side of it here’s a ”scoop for yeah” any abuse towards children or anybody else for that matter is satanic in itself !

  2. This case bears all the hallmarks of “Satanic panic” and false confession. Vice is usually pretty sober, but I think it is sad that this story is passed on so uncritically.