The Real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’?

The Oscar nominated movie Wolf on Wall Street was famously based on the story of Jordan Belfort, a crooked investment banker who made his money selling worthless stocks at a high price but according to some the original inspiration behind Leonardo DiCaprio’s foray into the world of overindulgence with 1990’s tailoring apparently didn’t come from Belfort himself but instead from a man named Dana Giacchetto. It is said that Leo became interested in making this particular film because he had actually lived it with Dana, having spent quite a bit of time hanging around with him, a former investment banker.

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  1. Giacchetto’s theatrical affect is off putting. Beware of anyone who smiles this much; it indicates a con job is about to proceed.
    He’s proud of his greed and thievery. Remorse is a land far, far away for him.

  2. What a fucking complete arsehole. And fuck him for trying to get back.

  3. Looks like he spent most of clients’ money on drugs, drugs and more drugs.

  4. Americans are Obsessed with Celebrities Unfortunately They are Shit Celebrities LWTF McGuire and DiCaprio WTF 2Douchebag Hardly Fucking Artists America for Fucks Sake Why Not Poets, Ballet Dancers, Sculptors etc…. Always these Average Looking Average Talent FUCKWITS