Reality and the Extended Mind

This documentary focuses on experiments exploring what is known by researchers as psi phenomena. These are anomalous extended properties of consciousness that have been measured under experimental conditions
by highly qualified scientists. Their existence signal far-reaching implications to our understanding of both consciousness and reality itself.

A film by Adrian D. Nelson for metaRising

Part 1:

Part 2:

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  1. Half the cutaway footage and backgrounds they used were stolen from the movie Baraka.

  2. Not convincing at all, but entertaining nonetheless.

  3. I find it really disppointing that they do not attempt to explain what the graphs really mean in relation to their theories. They say that modern world thought is that psi is laughable or not possible, but then they do not combat this misconception very well at all. It is a shame, because it was supposedly made in 2012, but feels like a dodgy conspiracy theory doc from the 80s. I would like them to really evaluate their experiments and results in an open way.

  4. Very disappointed, because I was unable to view apparently lacking the upload, download, “plug in” or something. All my top picks seem to be presenting me with this problem.

  5. they say science a lot for something that show no science at all. That said its an interesting watch 

  6. Reality and the Distended mind – that’s what this “documentary” should be called. Load of nonsense.

  7. Interesting, and watchable. It gives a good starting point for people who want to investigate the validity of the results for themselves.
    It would have been better if those who oppose the conclusions drawn by the researchers had been given right of reply.

  8. Good short documentary, although it does need some heavy backup for a lot of the facts that are presented here.
    I must say that I usually judge things with how I feel about it and how they present it to me, I must honestly say that this feels right to some extend.

    I dont need proof or an explanation to why Im here, all I know is that I am here and that its a very important time for me to be alive here. The world has never been as connected as we are now and maybe its just me but I can feel that there is something gonna happen very soon.

  9. Regarding the presentiment experiment they ran. If they show people pictures over and over wouldn’t the subject just get a rhythm in their mind as to what is happening? They didn’t really go into depth about it.

  10. This makes a little more sense of things…

  11. The graphs used to try an explain the research have no explantion… you can’t just show a graph and go…” Oh ok, a graph, it must be true”. The the heck are they talking about!?