Rebels With A Cause

Deftly charting the sweeping socio- political changes of the Sixties that began with the Civil Rights movement and culminated with angry protests against the U.S. war in Vietnam, REBELS WITH A CAUSE is told through the eyes of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Begun in 1960 with a handful of members and high ideals, SDS became a nationally powerful antiwar organization with over 100,000 members. But in 1970 the group began to disintegrate amidst internal conflict and government counterintelligence crackdowns.

In the aftermath, some went militant as the ill-fated Weather Underground; others channeled their activism through prominent careers as journalists, politicians and professors. Mixing eloquent contemporary testimony from SDS members such as writer/professor Todd Gitlin, Senator Tom Hayden and NPR commentator Juan Gonzalez with scintillating archival footage from the front lines of the movement, Helen Garvy’s REBELS WITH A CAUSE chronicles the values, motivations and actions of a generation that lost its innocence-and helped change America.

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  1. Elitist government viewpoint: “I will do everything I can to silence you, because the kinds of things I have to say are good for society while the kinds of things you want to say resulted in the Holocaust.” – Bruce Bower.

    Our basic democratic (human) rights are being taken away from us. Freedom of speech and of expression, freedom of association and of assembly.
    Basically (and among other things); the freedom to criticise those that you consider to be enemies, the freedom to publish cartoons that criticise opponents, the freedom to assemble for peaceful demonstration against murder done in the name of religion, the freedom to join together in an organisation devoted to righting political wrongs and to preventing criminal misdeeds.
    These rights are being taken away from us in order to protect the political doctrine of the establishment from criticism and in order to protect the religion of hate from feeling offended.
    Common people have always lived under some form of oppression, for a short period of historical time we have been encouraged to believe in the illusion of democracy and freedom, now reality is crushing our illusions and we are faced with either coming once more under elitist rule or under a dreadful religious tyranny.

  2. Also see: MOVE documentary, the MOVE organisation fought for the freedom of everything that lived and got shot with 13000 bullets, kids burned alive and what not. 9 people on death row for killing one cop with one bullet. Big scam, go see!

  3. The government learned the lesson in the 60’s. They haven’t started a new draft, they have the Patriot Act, and Homeland Security to legally arrest any individual, and the concentration camps manned, ready for any amount of people they deem undesirable terrorists. Even if they don’t do any more than Rosa Parks did. I went to Portsmith Naval Prison in 1968 and was again put in jail for active resistance to infanticide in Operation Rescue. Every time they start really killing people, I include the not fully developed with everyone else, they throw me in jail. Isn’t that backwards of thou shalt not kill.

  4. Much is still the same – this is one reason why it is difficult to organize today.

  5. What a shame that documentaries on conspiracy theories and the NWO are apparently of more interest than real progressive movements that sought to bring about radical change in society… 

  6. What a shame that documentaries on conspiracy theories and the NWO are apparently of more interest than real progressive movements that sought to bring about radical change in society…