Reggie Yates: Teen Gangs

In this film we see British television personality, Reggie Yates, embark on a journey into the murky world teen gang violence. As a child, Yates himself grew up on a council estate with his family receiving benefits from the government, he is well aware of the negative distractions which can present themselves to young people growing up in similar environments but he personally has always believed that with enough hard work and determination you can stay clear of such corruptions.

This idea that everyone paves their own path in life and that no-one is forced into the life of crime is how we see this documentary start out, but we soon see Reggie come to grips with the true challenges faced by kids trying to stay on the straight and narrow in such areas and how tough it can be.

As the Reggie dives deeper we see him questioning his assumptions and begin to understand the powerful role your environment plays in shaping these teenager’s life choices.

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