Remembering the 911 Demolitions

Meet The Truth 2 Year Anniversary Show. September 11 2001, A look at
the day before, the insider trading, the physics of a concrete and
steel structure collapse, and the Solomon Building, also known as
WTC7… Once you learn the truth about WTC7 you will demand a new

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  1. U cant say no one knew bout it 5 Israelis were arrested filming the the whole thing they were there setup in advance they knew for sure and if they did lots of others could have as well. The insurance policies taken out not long b4. Our gov atleast knew about it. Read up on new american century. Bush and Cheney made millions from that war come on folks. Bush dad works for Carlyle defense contractor made ton. Chaney basically owns the company that delivered everything in Iraq to soldiers
    Shit cant remember name. Idk what all happen but if u think it actually happened the way our gov said it did then shoot urself for being stupid. They lie about everything. All politicians work for the rich and take bribes and have conflict of interest. How in the fuck can u be regulator for FDA and day u leave office u make millions working for big pharma the people u were supposed to regulate. Look people got it all wrong there is no our gov. It’s the corporations gov. It ain’t Muslim vs Christian or black vs white or even democrat vs Republican. It’s the uber rich vs the rest of us and they been winning for along time and will ruin everything for every1 on this fucking planet with their greed if something isnt done. If enough people decided enough of being screwed now and our kids future they could do something after all they only make up a small percentage of people very small. It’s the only thing that they fear bc it’s only thing that can end the bs

  2. JFK, Pearl Harbor, 9/11. Those are your most basic and effective false flag operations. Hitler used them. Factions of our government are using them. If you believe otherwise I’m sorry for you. Some people in Nazi Germany were surprised too. Oh well when it happens… I wont say I told you so.

  3. I can’t believe people still think a plane could take those down……so sad.

    • Perhaps if you knew anything about engineering principles you might not have such a hard time understanding what happened. The problem with armchair quarterbacks is that they form opinions with little to no basis with which to base them on. You sir are a prime example.

      • All ive seen is you saying ‘Of course that could happen’ Have you even read the commission report?? That report couldn’t have missed the mark more then a blind man in a dart game. You see are a prime example of a sheep. Does Obama pay for your cell phone too sheep boy?

  4. funny 2 of the 3 youtube links have been deleted :0

  5. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t class the fires in the WTC buildings ‘small ordinary office fires’. Unless I’ve missed something and planes are flying into offices on a day-to-day basis…and that causes small fires. Some people are completely ridiculous!! 

  6. try to watch how a building should fall
    hope this answers some q.

  7. I just have to say this guy made me laugh with his NIST emergency warning information and fire insurance rates are going to skyrocket now that they know buildings can collapse from office fires. Two Thumbs up for that 🙂

  8. i think one thing thats important to remember is that controlled demos arent trying to hide anything, lots of explosions and noise ect… the organisers of controlled demos have nothing to hide about what they are doing and dont need to cover the fact that they had a hand in its destruction and often make a public spectical of the event.
    the trade center buildings were meant to be a public spectical but to show they were controlled demos would of given up the game and raised a great deal of suspision.
    the way those three buildings went down was way to perfect, all three landing in their own footprint with minimal damage to surrounding buildings is just pushing the odds way to far. it seems way to clean and surgical for things to have happened the way they did. it seems as though a lot of planning went into these buildings coming down, its just someone in the planning phase forgot to say “hey, if these things are supposed to look like collapses and not demos, shouldnt we factor in the resistance of the lower floors slowing the fall of the upper ones on their way down?”. those building dropped at free fall with no apparent slowing of the momentom of the debris from above and that just seems to defy a fair few of those funny little laws about physics that we learnt in high school (or some of us did anyway). They put on a good show and got what they wanted out of the event, but all in all i give it an 8 out of 10 for planning.

    What about the picture of steel girders cut at 45 degree angles with what appears to be trails of once molten metal leading from the cuts?
    What about the basements with pools of molten steel in them weeks after the collapses?
    What about the reports of explosions from seemingly credible eye witnesses like firemen and such, that claim they heard explosions BEFORE the planes hit? and the “popping sounds like fireworks going off” as the buildings fell straight down through the path of most resistance at a free fall speed?
    What about the plane that supposedly hit the pentagon with enough force to vapourise all the metals (of which there were many differnt types used in the constuction of the aircraft and all of which differnt melting and vapourising temps, some very low some very very high), but yet a piece of the hi-jackers passoprt complete with a segment of their photo remained intact.

    far to many questions and so few answers. and the fact that large volumes of information which supposedly proves the events to of happened as the gov has said id did, were never released and wont be released to the public which could prove or disprove conspiracy theories.

    why america has let this happen to their own people and just let it all go by without demanding the truth behind the matter is beyond me. are you all a country of the blind or just sheep to the governmental shepard.

    if people can watch this happen and then swallow gobs full of properganda about terrorism and feel good about invading foriegn nations then there is a war on terror that needs to be waged but its not against some bunch of rag tag extreamist, its against the powers that be in the american gov who purportrated this horrible sequence of events that has ruined two countries and serioously tarnished the world reputation of the US.

    God help any country who has something that america wants or hates, becuase nothing, not even the welfair of it own people, will stop the US from taking what it wants and shafting who ever is in the way. God save us all from america! and save us from its people who seem so easily swayed by popular media into believing what ever they are told to believe.

    im just glad there isnt much oil in australia or we could be on the list of countries to invade too.

    • “it seems as though a lot of planning went into these buildings coming
      down, its just someone in the planning phase forgot to say “hey, if
      these things are supposed to look like collapses and not demos, shouldnt
      we factor in the resistance of the lower floors slowing the fall of the
      upper ones on their way down?”. This quote made me lol, its so hilarious that if it ever turns out 100% true that it was a demo, I wouldn’t be surprised at the stupidity. But hey they’re the bad guys, no one should feel sorry for them for their “mistake”.

  9. There are several tubes with collapsing buildings.
    Just google ‘buiding collapse’ and voila…

    The difference is obvious

    • That building collapsed due to structural integrity, likely sinking into the ground, not because it was hit by an airplane…of course its gonna look different

    • Thanks for the example. This was a building falling in an uncontrolled way for sure. And it effectively fell just like i described in my original post. So; your saying that the twin towers should have fallen like the building in the example you gave (??) the twin towers and wt7 all should have effectively been weakened at one side of their base and fallen sideways (??)… and if that happened you wouldn’t be suspicious any more(!!??) hahahaha… appreciate the examples… they are uncontrolled falls which i did ask for…but might need slightly more relevant ones… maybe thats the hard bit… if the examples of uncontrolled falls out three are like this, then i can certainly understand why conspiracy theorists don’t include them in their “examinations” of 9/11… and all of this still doesn’t refute my claim that conspiracy theorists have to be saying that an uncontrolled fall can not happen like a controlled fall…

  10. has anyone got an example of a building falling over in an uncontrolled way? I have never seen one of these conspiracy theorists give one…(maybe i haven’t watched enough.. i have kinda grown tired of them… giving it one more go here tho)… they always compare wtc7 and the twin towers falling with controlled falls… i assume then, that the people behind this are saying, that an uncontrolled fall *cant* happen like a controlled fall…(in fact for them to be consistent they must be saying this)… that the building wont fall “straight down” like we see in the endless examples of controlled falls. So what happens in an uncontrolled fall? is it like a tree falling? for some reason it will always be weak on one side of the base and fall that side ending up lying on its side (??) maybe like in a cartoon? huh? if anyone has an example of an uncontrolled fall (not a controlled fall gone wrong) id love to see it…


    • It’s a good question.

      I can say I’ve seen both a controlled demolition and happened to be in downtown Manhattan on that awful day just blocks away from the buildings as they fell. Actually, I was pretty much the same distance from the controlled building fall as I was from the towers the day they fell. Now, I’m no demolition expert. Perhaps there are different ways of demolishing buildings. But the sound that I heard and the LIGHTS that I saw coming from the building that was demolished in a controlled way could in no way be mistaken for what happened on 9/11. The noise PRIOR to the building falling for the controlled demolition was unmistakable, it was like someone set off a set of firecrackers but the explosions sounded like loud lightening crashes and shook the entire area. The building lit up like a Christmas tree. You could see each perfectly spaced out explosive going off in sequence. And then the building fell from the bottom up (which, from what I was told at the time, is normal practice for controlled demolitions). That did not happen at the WTC. We just heard a massive rumble and saw the buildings falling…top to bottom.

  11. fucking ridiculous song about building 7

  12. I am horrified by that song played in the beginning of this video. Whoever made that and put it in this video should be ashamed of themselves. No wonder people who earnestly want to know what happened on 9/11 are not treated seriously… I mean, come on!

  13. This trash was made by idiots who do not understand physics.

  14. For the record, this is one of many many resources for anyone with intelligence, eyes, and a working brain, to see whats this day really was, an attack by the neoconservatives on America and the world. Indeed, buildings cannot fall this way, basic physics in grade 9 can teach you this. The rules did not change for 9/11. Wake up, investigate, ask tough questions, don’t let them away with it.

    • Do you even know what a neo-conservative is? Probably not. It’s obvious that you have zero knowledge of high rise construction. Several engineering analysis have been performed on the tower collapses and every one of them that’s from a credible source verify that this is exactly how the building would collapse once the steel frame lost elasticity.

      • Fires from office type kindling wouldn’t reach a temperature high enough to bend steel. Offices are constructed out of materials that are fire retardant for specifically these reasons. Let us look back on the years of high rises and ask ourselves a simple question. How many of these high rises have collapsed due to fire? FUCKING ZERO. The Twin Towers are literally in a class of their own. You believed the health teacher when she told you cannabis was as addictive and dangerous as heroin. People like you will be the first enslaved when the one world government takes over. Good luck sheep boy!