Rich Hall’s California Stars

Comedian Richard Hall takes us on a journey revealing the reality of life in the Golden State. For a place that has so much history and beauty Rich uncovers that most of the residents living here are actually in fact disappointed with how their lives turned out given the promise of success which the California dream portrays, stating that its a place which easily forgets its past so it can in turn reinvent itself for tourists and dreamers.

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  1. Very witty delivery of very powerful history of the winds of change and how California came to be the state that it is.

  2. I totally forgot this guy even existed! This was really good. Informative and funny! Calling Miley Cyrus a “hammer licker” was hysterical!!

  3. “The largest Global migration in American history” LMAO!

  4. This guy is a comedian? He’s about as comedic as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

  5. Interesting and funny, too. Recommended.