The Rich Kids Of Instagram

With the rise of Instagram we saw the worlds richest 1% of people gain a means to show off their jet-setting lifestyles to the remaining 99% of us. This being said Instagram now gets roughly 70 million new uploads daily so it tends to take something special to get noticed on the social media platform.

From group snaps on super yachts and pouting selfies on private jets to parading luxury goods or flashing fat stacks of cash, Instagram’s young and rich seem to have nailed the formula to Instagram success. This brazen flaunting of ones wealth has been causing quite a stir leading to both admiration and condemnation around the world.

So who are the Rich Kids of Instagram? this Channel 4 documentary gains access into the lives of some of some of the world’s most affluent youngsters and examines what it is that drives them to show off in the way that they do.

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  1. A 2016-2017 TV series featuring jetset world of the young and super rich, who share their luxury lives online
    are known as the Rich Kids of Instagram. RKOI are some of the world’s most affluent Instagram users who flaunt pictures of their luxuries that most people can only dream of. These incredible rich kids have money to burn, party in the world’s best nightclubs, shop in the most exclusive boutiques, and share it all on social media.

    The rich kids of instagram live a jetset lifestyle accessible only to the ultra-wealthy usually either self-made millionaires, trust-fund kids or sugar babies. They make themselves very easy to be identified when out in public by wearing $2,000 outfits, carrying $5,000 travel bags, dripping in bling bling and covering their eyes with some Gucci/LV shades.

    Top cast:
    Josh King ‘JetSet’ Madrid
    Kaia Gerber
    Sophia Rose
    Harrison James
    Christopher Lourdes
    Iman Lopez