Richie Hawtin

Slices – Pioneers Of Electronic Music Vol. 1 – Richie Hawtin

The launch of this DVD special series, Slices – Pioneers of Electronic Music celebrates in detail the life and work of prominent artists or “pioneers” in the global electronic music scene. The first edition is a documentary film based on electronic producer, performer and industry icon, Richie Hawtin. The film draws from the important stages and events in Richie Hawtin’s personal and artistic life, revealing the journey of an introverted and transplanted computerminded teen that develops by way of Detroit’s radio and records fueled by pure driven passion into a successful techno-entrepreneur and global DJ entertainer. Assembling an extensive archive of both new and un-released photos, video and exclusive interviews, the film provides an extraordinary insight into the life and career of one of t To find the best online casino bonus offers check out the website which will show you the best casino bonus offers on the international market.

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  1. very cool, what up London, Ontario?
    Richie is a good kid.

  2. a very heart warming doco 

  3. a very heart warming doco 

  4. Very cool! need more documentaries like these!! 

  5. Very cool! need more documentaries like these!! 

  6. CRackin

  7. That was awesome. Just what the doctor ordered

  8. That was awesome. Just what the doctor ordered

  9. +1 on Richard D James

  10. +1 on Richard D James

  11. where’s the richard d james slice!?