Riddles in Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C.

This documentary explores the highly controversial subject of the design of America’s capital. Was the city built to reflect the majesty of America’s new found freedom? Or the hidden agenda of secret societies? With every major cornerstone laid by Freemasons, was the city built in a Masonic pattern? Embark upon this incredible journey as Riddles in Stone interviews experts on both sides of the heated debate. Watch as Freemason apologists defend some of the most direct and hard-hitting questions concerning the influence of Masonry in America, and its symbolism in Washington, D.C.

Alongside them are leading researchers who maintain that occult architecture permeates the city, and conceals a secret agenda. Was D.C. laid out according to the pattern of the stars? Is there really a pentagram in the street layout north of the White House? Does a Masonic square and compass extend from the Capitol building to the Washington monument? And why is the city filled with zodiac symbols, mysterious faces, and various god and goddess images? If America was founded as a Christian nation only, where are the images of Jesus Christ? Or does Washington D.C. symbolize another Christ, the Masonic Christ?

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  1. The Pentagram which is the five pointed star was a Secret Code that the Mathematician Pythagoras used to indicate that a secret meeting of Mathematicians was going to take place at a secret location to discuss Mathematical Concepts. For example, Pythagoras would be talking to you, and would draw a five pointed star in the dirt using his foot to do it, and you would know that a secret meeting of Mathematicians was going to take place; therefore, the Pentagram which is the five pointed star had to do with secret meetings of Mathematicians, and it had nothing to do with devil worship, or satanic worship; the devil worship, and satanic worship came about from “Jealous Outsiders” that were not invited to the party, but they had witnessed the secret code; so, they acted out in jealously and used the symbol in an evil, selfish, and destructive way; thus, it became of negativity in the name of devil worship and satanic worship, and yes, Societies are this uneducated to believe the trick that has been played on them by Jealous Outsiders. EYE 5

  2. The claims about the D.C. street layout are easily refuted just by looking at an actual map of the city. Conspiracy literature will show Rhode Island Ave., Vermont Ave., Massachusetts Ave., Connecticut Ave., and K Street making up five lines of a pentagram. A look at the actual street map[8] shows that Vermont and Connecticut Avenues do not extend south of K street so there is no point below that, and ergo, no bottom point of any pentagram pointing at the White House. Further, Rhode Island Ave. does not extend west of Connecticut Ave. so not only does this alleged “pentagram” not have five points, it doesn’t even have four. It is purely the product of someone’s overactive imagination.

    As to whether Masonic symbols such as the square and compass can be found in the street layout, this would seem to be conceivably possible given that many of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons. In actuality, the city’s street layout was designed by Pierre Charles L’Enfant, a French-born architect appointed by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to design the city. L’Enfant’s design somewhat resembled that of Karlsruhe, Germany. But even if Freemasonry was an influence on the street layout, so what? Most street intersections everywhere resemble a Christian cross – is this evidence of a Christian conspiracy to control the world?

    There is also the question of whether symbols and buildings can somehow harbor or channel demonic forces, witchcraft, or other supernatural powers, solely because of their design. This is one nutter belief piled on top of another; one has to first believe in the supernatural, and then believe that man-made things can have the power to harbor or channel that supernatural, and then further believe that this can somehow place an entire city under occult control or provide a direct line of communication between Satan and the President of the United States. This is all patent bullshit.

    Finally it should be remembered that Washington was a planned city. The street designs were intended to be laid out on a diamond shaped grid with both numbered streets and streets named after letters intersecting them. Traversing the whole city are streets named after various states and figures in American and local history, running on diagonals. As a result things that look like pentagrams, Masonic t-squares, and compasses in an overhead view were inevitable. Finally, there have been many changes and revisions to L’enfant’s design as the city has grown over the years.

  3. Too bad for all the wankers that want to rule the world (should I have said herd?) from the comfort of some anonymity bolstered by brotherhoods, since John Lennon and Yoko Ono trumped them all with Nutopia’s concept. Now if only we could find its legally binding formulations. Imagine a polite society instead of a paranoid one.

  4. Seems as though this documentary is directly connected to the book “Talisman”, which for any of you interested, is a pretty crazy read. Many of the same sources in this film are quoted in the book, and the authority they have within their various fields of study is genuine, at least so far as I’ve been able to “google” about them.

    For those reading who believe that the Mason’s are some sort of front for a select number of secretive individuals bent on governing the world, I can’t really say anything to discredit that belief, although I’d also ask that you recognize that it’s not “every” Mason, much as it wasn’t “every” Rosicrucian or “every” member of the Illuminati(?). There is alarming evidence that these types of secret and semi-secret societies do have within their rank and file a number of highly influential and often times highly immoral members. The same might be said of our governments and religious bodies as well. The fact that they often cross over and share similar ideals shouldn’t be ignored.

    The deeper point this documentary is trying to illustrate is that there IS a running connection between these societal groups and the religious symbolism that has been painstakingly hidden in plain sight surrounding their periods of expansion and evolution. That simply can’t be ignored. The question they want us to ask is … why? If something has gone to such great lengths to be found present in the architecture and formation of our cities, and those symbols and icons can be traced back thousands of years, then shouldn’t we be interested in finding out what those symbols and icons represented? After all, it can’t just be the aesthetics, can it? It’s not clothing we’re talking about here. It’s the streets we’re walking on and the building’s we can see!

    In this, the filmmakers have done a good job in looking at the evidence objectively. If the Masons and their forebears are implicated throughout, its because there is no other option left to the objective viewer BUT to implicate the Masons, or at least, certain Masons of distinction. While the filmmakers could have been trying to isolate the Masons through fabricating fact and using carefully tailored hypothesis, I myself have read enough of these books, watched enough of these films and visited enough of these places to understand that they are not trying to stir an undercurrent of discontent. They are sincerely trying to peer behind the veil and encourage others to do so along with them.

    Do I think there’s a grand design for population control, as has been suggested by other posters? I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that hopefully, through the collective work of everyone who dare’s to ask “why”, we can discover the truth, and that the truth is something that satisfies our curiosity, rather than threatens the survival of mankind.

    As a side note, I do find that anything pursued in secret, that has been deliberately cloaked in deception and kept from the public at large, has normally worked against the good of man in the long run, no matter how noble the original intention. Just saying.

  5. No-
    Had this documentary running-while doing something else….
    In response to someone called Ben -infra-re 5 pointed ‘thingy’+Europe;
    No-ou Non!
     – after losing 2 hours with this nonsense+superstition

    -whatever premise you are trying to raise -is …..zzzzzznebulussssss

  6. awesome and realy enlightning ,benjamin creme should be listend to

  7. If it’s not Christian, then it must be evil. Personally, I think it is Christianity that is evil.

  8. You all attempt to use multi-syllable words to sound smart. You aren’t. That’s it. You think you are intellectual and educated but you aren’t. Educate yourselves(and by that I mean by reading ACTUAL books, not crap you pull off of various electronic media’s i.e. the internet, tv, or radio)and don’t bother posting anything until you have. p.s. If you don’t know what a book is, it is one of those thingy’s made of wood pulp, with ink print, and bindings.

    • Your use of apostrophes is completely wrong. They are used for ownership and abbreviations and absolutely not for plurals. Here is a very good (electronic media) website that will teach you how to use apostrophes correctly.  You would know this if you had ever opened one of your “thingy’s made of wood pulp, with ink print, and bindings” (Also note: incorrect use of comma after bindings). Good luck with your English language studies!

      • Let’s be clear James. Retarded’s first misuse of an apostrophe was an attempt to make plural ‘media’, which is already plural for medium. I reckon that makes him double retarded.

    • ipad book’s aren’t made of wood 🙂

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  10. far less harmful

  11. it’s not win win. Queen of England is German.
    She owns BP British Petroleum, She’s surrounded by dragon and snake flags. Order of the ‘Garter’ Garter is a snake. End of STory.
    they are f’d. Greedy. How can one starve another when food grows on the earth for free. No questions needed, except when do we get rid of them for treason.
    Starving people is a mathematical impossibility. Except now they killed 9 million healthy pregnant cows and pigs and sheep. Farmers let them. People who believe the govt EVER are focking nuts. STUPID and might as well go swallow feces, it would be far less harmless.

  12. How is it that “important” people being involved in Masonry is scary but having them involved Christianity isn’t? Magical nonsense is magical nonsense. The Law of Fives on the other hand…

  13. Have you ever considered the number of 5-pointed stars on the Euro Banknote? The adopted symbol of the European Union raises interesting further questions.. doesn’t it?

  14. Debate covered equally? What are the two sides you think there are because I only saw one side in this show.

    Masons this and Masons that, they’re alleged to have their fingers in everything for hundreds of years. Does anyone out there personally know a Mason? Have they ever told you first hand what goes on or if any of this is true? If you’re a Mason, do you know the truth? In the show, the experts only refer to what ‘Masons do’ or have done. Where are they getting the inside scoop from?

    I had a supervisor who would use the same phrase whenever he wanted something to happen instead of what anyone else wanted. He’d say ‘People say’ all the time. It took a while to catch that there were no ‘people’ telling him anything. Once you realize that, you’ll notice yourself how often this un-fact modifier phrase gets used by people. Kind of the same thing as the experts referring to what ‘Masons do’ in my mind. Lets get some Masons and ask them some questions and get some documented proof instead of taking ‘experts’ statements as blind fact. Besides, the experts in this show are all authors themselves who have books along the same theme as the show. Don’t you think their statements would be rather biased to support their similar beliefs? Where’s the independent support a court would expect of anyone to provide?

    How many times have you heard someone from long ago having advanced knowledge when they did something like laying out a street pattern or something like that? Well, how do you think Benjamin Franklin would react if a kid from today went back and showed him his iPhone? He’d freak out and call you a devil or something. I mean, who else can conjure fire to illuminate the image and control it so well? We know so much more about everything around us now. We realize how much more we don’t know as well from these discoveries. How can someone with what would be less than a grade 3 education by present day standards pull one over everyone for hundreds of years? Because we want to believe it, that’s how.

    So lets get some Masons in front of Congress to get the facts proof or could you allow yourself to believe the truth if it contradicted what you believe the truth to be? This sounds like being tortured to admit you did something you didn’t and the enemy won’t stop till you admit ;the truth’? Do you think they will believe you unless you confess? Who’s truth are we all after? What we believe the truth to be.

    What do you want to believe?

    • Hey Michael, did you even watch it, dude? Do I have to know a mason to know what masons are saying in this video? Not when they show a master mason/grand historian of the lodge of B.C. defending their points of view right on this video! Not to mention the video of George Adams (grand master) bragging about how all the cornerstones were laid by masons. The reasons the Masons look so lame in this video is because you can look for yourself and all their buildings are right there, in plain sight. You can either believe THEM and take their symbols at face value, or you can think for yourself, and look it all up and when you do- even without forming a rigid opinions of it being “satanism” or “evil”- you can still see it all reeks, and is yet another pyramid structure of control that does not enhance the world like they claim, what so ever…

      I’m not saying this video is perfect, but I totally agree with Becki. They HAVE had their fingers in things for hundreds (again, all them cornerstones…) of years, and they’re PROUD of that. The fact that you can’t see it, well… I feel bad for you man. Good luck, you’re going to need it.

      Also, to answer your question, I don’t want to believe anything. Anymore I only believe what’s happened to me; things that I have experienced first hand. That’s some pretty weird shit, but I’m not going to share it.



      • Now that I’ve finished watching this in it’s entirety I’d like to say that this documentary almost comes off with a Christian viewpoint (to me). I didn’t like the fact that it seemingly failed to mention that the knowledge these societies use(d) very well could be an objective universal truth, that was almost guaranteed to be incomplete or may have been twisted by each individual group, and not only that, but by each person as well. I got the feeling that when they mentioned “pagans” that it was as though we already knew all there was to know about them, and they weren’t any “good”. Perhaps this was a failure of my perception or invalid. Lines must be drawn somewhere I suppose.

        I think the failures of the men in this video is that they are viewed as “experts”, and some of them probably very well think they “know” what’s going on. I like the way the video portrayed things for the most part. Often using “supposedly”, “according to…”, and “as written here” instead of trying to seemingly outright convince you of things that should be known as ‘controversial’ or contested. It’s a (very) slippery slope as bias is inherent in everything- including this comment I’m writing! Haha.

        I should have clarified to Michael as well that I don’t think the “masons done it” I think they are just used as a cover, just like “the church” and seemingly many many other organizations whose apparent outward values seem to be turned on their head. I think there’s a point at which everything gets so big it’s out of the hands of those who know very little about reality and how it works (everyday people- including probably most masons), and more into the realm of these spiritual energies that were spoken of in this video- or those whom are in communication with them or bound to them in some ways unknown (to most and definately me). But, I honestly (and obviously) don’t know much about that- so don’t take my word for it!

        There seems to be so much cognitive dissonance that nobody knows which way is up. That’s the whole point as I see it- keep it all divided and you can keep it all conquered. IMHO the real “who” is something that’s much larger than us, at least seemingly from my current perspective (perhaps that’s an element of the design of it, hmm…). I’m not quite “there” as to be so sure to say what or whom is the culprit of what I view as the unnecessary strife that is here and seemingly growing on this planet. A part of me tells me it’s inherent to this existence for lessons to be learned, but alas, it seems as though a lot of it is very well designed and too deceptive for me to write off as “that’s how things are” and go about my business as usual…

        (Here comes the real biased part: look out!)

        (IMHO) There exists objective truth and it’s for everyone; I pity those whom cannot grasp that concept. Probably just as much as they will be upset at me for my inability to spell out to them, 100% of what that truth is. My point in saying this is: Don’t be “like Mike” and submit your power of authority to ‘congress’ to get the ‘facts and proof’ of something. Don’t submit your authority as a person to any institution,, expert, or group- I think that’s what’s gotten us in this whole mess, I don’t see it as necessary. THAT is what we need to work on, however, I must admit I’m not living this 100% myself because I have done this in my everyday life up to this point; even if it was unconscious… As I see it we all must to “survive” in this society (that’s the design!). Don’t think for a second this hasn’t torn me in millions of different directions since becoming conscious of it, as it has been lately my greatest point of friction and biggest motivator to make comments like these, and learn things that will truly make myself and others near me independent.

        Thanks for reading and take care of yourselves,


        P.S. Sorry to pick on you so much Micheal. I bet we have more in common than not. It gets hard to remain hopeful when it seems a lot of people have your (and my old) viewpoint that where we are today is the “best” and “most educated”. The whole linear time fiasco. Alas, I see a lot of who I used to think I was in your statements, so forgive me for coming across as a jerk. I’m sure we’ll all improve eventually. One can hope. Take care.

  15. This documentary really made me think. It was reminiscent of Nicholas Cage in his National Treasure franchise. All in all I thought it was a great documentary with all sides of the debate covered equally.