Riddles of the Sphinx

Nothing quite represents the mysteries of ancient Egypt more than the Great Sphinx, it is the largest statue ever built by the ancient Egyptians  and still makes us wonder how they managed to construct this crouching lion, human headed creature.

For 45 centuries the Sphinx has overlooked Egypt’s Giza Plateau, with a height matching that of The White House and it’s body spanning the length of a football field it’s scale is simply inspiring. There are many theories surrounding its origins and those that built it but what does it really represent?

We are left asking such questions because oddly the scribes of the time (Egypt’s Old Kingdom) seemed to have overlooked its construction in silence. Not only this but archeologists have also discovered that the creators abruptly discarded their tools and abandoned the Sphinx when it was nearly complete.

In a search for clues NOVA sends a team of seasoned archeologists to Egypt in order to carry out many eye-opening experiments that reveal the techniques and incredible labor that was invested in the carving of this gigantic sculpture. The team also manage to unearth new discoveries with regards to the people who built it.

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  1. Yes the sphinx is far older than most estimate or realize…

  2. Considering that the pyramids are not tombs but machines and built LONG before the Egyptians existed, who really built the Sphinx which if weathering and erosion is taken into consideration is well over 10,500 years