Ride the Tiger: A Guide Through the Bipolar Brain

5.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, yet how it unfolds in the brain is still a mystery to us. The quest to understand bipolar illness is central to the quest of understand the brain itself. Using the latest technology to gather information about how the brain functions, we learn how this information is being integrated to generate a map which reveals how the brains connections fit together. To understand where the bipolar brain begins to breakdown we need these type of maps, many maps that will chart a course from mental illness back to health.

Ride the Tiger is a film which focuses on raising awareness for this disorder, speaking with many highly accomplished individuals including congressmen, attorneys, pastors, authors, and stay-at-home moms, who have all been diagnosed as bipolar we learn how people are affected by such mood disorders. We also see this film take on many of the stigmas and stereotypes associated to bipolar disorder.

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