The Right to Remain Silent

The film covers the mass arrests of nearly 2000 peaceful protesters during the cop 15 in copenhagen (environmental meeting), whilst following effected activists and discussing the wider ramifications of the growing trend around the world of criminalizing protests.

Created by:
 Phil Brown

Email: philbrownfilms[at]hotmail[dot]com

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  1. The tactics of these mass demonstrations are, I believe fatally flawed. Since the worldwide police population has a mandate from their political masters to behave in a totally insane and criminal manner, they have intentionally created conditions which are remarkably similar to pre-war 1930s fascist Europe. In doing so they have totally abrogated any claim to be an agent of the people protecting and defending them against anti social forces. I suggest a much better idea. All these policeman presumably live in communities all over the country with their families. A most effective tactic would be to totally ostracize them and their wives, children extended family; but not at all in a way that is confrontational. Just explain that you and your family cannot in all good conscience allow any contact with a person (and any of their extended family) whose actions are plainly totally unacceptable in a civil society.